Innovation is all about the mindset. Developing that innovative mindset begins with you. Everyone has the capacity for innovation, however, people usually get bogged down because they’re not able to get over the old beliefs and thought processes which stagnates the innovative process in their minds. But developing an innovative mindset can be taught. Here are 5 ways in which you can develop an innovative mindset. How To Develop An Innovative Mindset? Innovation

If you’ve watched the Super 30 movie you will know that competition for places in India’s top colleges is very high. Moreover, some students can’t afford the fees to apply to these colleges. That’s where the Income Share Agreement courses come into play. While the idea is quite novel and exciting, MIT has already established itself as one of the first institutes in India to provide such courses. What Is Income Share Agreement (ISA)? The idea is quite a simple

On 7th June, all of India waited with bated breath. ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 mission was moments away from achieving what no other nation had even attempted, to land a vehicle on the South Pole of the moon. It was the culmination of years of effort from the ISRO team and yet just before the Vikram Lander could touchdown on the Lunar Surface, a mere 2.1Km from the surface in fact, it lost contact