About MIT ID



Our vision is to become a leading centre for Design Education & Research; and create a learning ecosystem that prepares today’s young minds to be design leaders who contribute positive value to industry and society.


The mission of MIT Institute of Design is to establish deeper connections with industry and society and ensure quality in all academic process and outcomes. MIT ID thrives to establish connection with Global Universities to foster international research collaboration and facilitate for students and faculty mobility.

About MIT Institute of Design

MIT Institute of Design, is a premier center for Design education, practice and research in India. The institute has driven new ways of design thinking, since its establishment in 2006. Being a pioneer in dissemination of modern design education in India, MIT ID has nurtured many design talents.

The institute offer’s a diverse range of design programme at Undergraduate (4 years) and Post Graduate (2 years) level with 1000+ students pursuing programmes in Industrial, Communication & Fashion design discipline. With more than 60 faculty mentors, as active professional designers and practitioners, MIT ID focuses on leading the way on creative and experimental practices that enhance the growth of the design doers. The amalgamation of a varied student group and highly experienced staff help the institute in creating a unique and multifaceted learning experience for the learners.

Over the decade, the major achievement of MIT ID has been to create and promote a multi-disciplinary learning environment for tomorrow’s design leaders. MIT ID has travelled a great distance having challenged the conventions, developed new pedagogical approaches and forged meaningful collaborations with diverse academic, industry, research and professional organisations. MIT ID has developed its identity as one of the best research and training institutions of highest international quality with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an environment for the learner and giving the opportunity to explore and grow.  Spread over in an area of 125 acres on the banks of the Mula-Mutha River, the campus is perfect place to seek the knowledge at peace. Academics at MIT ID, encourages unshackled and innovative thinking and also expose them to the real life challenges, so that they stay aligned to the business and social expectations.