MITID Innovation Programme

I For Innovation

Innovation is all about the mindset. Developing that innovative mindset begins with you. Everyone has the capacity for innovation, however, people usually get bogged down because they’re not able to get over the old beliefs and thought processes which stagnates the innovative process in their minds. But developing an innovative mindset can be taught. Here are 5 ways in which you can develop an innovative mindset.

How To Develop An Innovative Mindset?

  1. Innovation Is  A Skill
    Many people are of the opinion that an innovative mindset is something you are either born with or not. Innovation is however, a skill, which needs to be practiced and nurtured. You have to be constantly thinking about new ways of doing old things to better optimize processes, methods and your own life. Like with most skills all you need to do to develop it is to keep practising it. If you’re wondering how to practice something like innovation, think about the hundreds of possibilities around your own home where you can make things more efficient by innovating.

  2. Exposure Out Of Comfort Zone
    Another great way to develop an innovative mindset is to constantly look for new experiences outside your comfort zone. Only when you are able to expose yourself to the right kind of experiences will you be able to reach to the core of a problem an find a solution that no one else might have thought about.

  3. Find Right Mentors
    Another excellent method to develop an innovative mindset is to find someone who can guide you through the process. Only when you find someone who is as passionate about the project you are working on will you be able to break the barriers of what has already been accomplished. The MIT ID innovation program is one such course that partners you with the right kind of mentors that help you accomplish your goals in the most strategic manner.

  4. Dig Deep
    You might be very book smart but that by itself will not cultivate an innovative mindset. To really be able to find the solutions to everyday problems whether it be in your business, or you are looking at more open holistic societal problems you need to dig deeper into the problem itself. You need to think about the problem from a 360 degree perspective before you can even come to scratching the solution aspect.

  5. Find Innovation Opportunities Around You
    One of the fastest ways of developing an innovative mindset is to keep finding opportunities around you. Like I’ve mentioned before, innovation at home, at the workplace, innovation to find solutions to societal problems are the need of the hour and the MIT ID innovation program helps you develop a keen sense for finding opportunities for innovation.


Innovation isn’t something you just develop overnight. It’s a skill that requires several hours of practice to develop. The MIT ID Innovation program accelerates this process by helping you develop an Eye for the I of Innovation. If you would like to know more about the program, or have any questions, please do get in touch with us today!