Student Profiles

Aishwarya Bhagat

You are about to read about a creative, poetic and exuberant girl. I am an artist , I write rhymes and stories, make toys out of waste material, experiment with food and places , find solutions to problems and spread joy wherever I am. I have done my schooling from Wynberg-Allen School, a boarding abode nestled in the hills of Mussoorie. My Bachelors in Commerce (Hons.) brought me to the finance capital of the country, Mumbai. Pursuing which, I realised my love for coding , design and innovating. I am pulled towards a greener future and sustainability drives my life. I aspire to become a revolutionary Eco-preneur. The innovation programme will help me inculcate all the desired knowledge and skills to independently make business while making a greener world.

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Rohan Kakarakayala

I am Rohan Kakarayakayala I have a bachelors degree in production engineering from Sinhgad college of engineering, Pune. My special skillset includes product manufacturing and machining. Interning at AACK Technocrafts has given me exposure and experience of the manufacturing industry.

Designing was always a part of my academic bucket list and thus when I came across the Innovation program at MIT ID, I was elated.
The innovation program is a perfect blend of technology, design and business understanding. I am here to learn from experts in various fields and explore the diversities to leave an immortal mark in the world.

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Eshan Dubey

Are humans capable to summarise a person?
“I am a seeker of design, arts and effective ways of communication. An innovation enthusiast with love for photography. More than three years of experience in storytelling in different mediums and platforms. An iVMS360 trained IT Recruiter, placed 12 java developer for U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Worked in Design Business development at an Innovation Product design studio “Story Design”
A huge fan of Art of communicating the information.
A typical day : I am in love with tea and making it is first thing I do when my day starts, enjoying it sip by sip retrospecting myself, followed by an hour of meditation and then handling the excitement to go out on work includes talking to my pet fish, helping mom with cooking and cleaning my motorcycle.
Capturing some photographs may be while traveling to work and the seeking for new story everyday never ends.Evenings are dedicated to randomness and my day ends with Captain winning a war or Batman brooding over the city.

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Shrish Tagore

I have a bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication engineering with a two-year of work experience in Digital Marketing. Later on, I got an interest in UX and Product Design and decided to join the Innovation Programme, MITID. I get to experience newer areas of focus and skills to learn every day and hope to reach my milestone soon.

Apart from being a designer, I’m also a music producer and photographer.

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Rhythm Panchal

A passionate motor head driven by curiosity. Deep thinker & a maker who channels inspiration without inhibition, Self-motivated hustler & a firm believer skilled in creative problem solving, product design & automotive design. I Would love to connect on Lamborghinis.

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Vatsal Pathak

Brief Profile – Having work experience in multiple domains like Civil Engineering, Agriculture, and UX/UI Design, Vatsal joined the Innovation program to fulfill his aspiration the be a problem solver at the commercial level.

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Arihant Jain

I have been trained as a mechanical engineer from IET, Lucknow (2017) where I was a major part of several projects under BAJA SAE INDIA and also made a working prototype on Thermoacoustic Refrigeration. The entry to the corporate world was a product-based software company dealing in automating the banking sector services, where I worked as a Quality system engineer getting my feet wet in Quality Management System, Information Security & Management systems, and Project Management.

A constant search for creativity led me to the intersection of Design, Business and Technology and brought me to MIT ID, Pune to pursue the Innovation Program where I hope to learn, unlearn and relearn.
When I am not working, you may find me memorizing and performing theater plays, reading self-help books, making random travel plans and meditating in the woods.

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Maitri Bhardwaj

“I am an artist by heart and an admirer of Innovation visionary, blend of an Electronics Engineer with work experience of 1.5 years in Automation Industrial IoT technology and creative mind-set with passion for developing strong Ideas.”
Major inspiration for my Ideation is based on gaining empathy of the user, I am dedicating my work to.
I love challenges and look forward for what’s next.

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Aniket Tambe

I am Aniket Tambe, an offbeat trekker and cyclist whose heart resides in nature. I have worked on various start up projects that delved into organic farming and hydroponics. Having an experience in plastic product design and the plastic mould manufacturing industry invoked me to explore the financial aspects of the market. I, thus undertook sales and marketing of industrial products to learn about strategic business design. The innovation programme attracted me as it helps to understand and learn about design and innovation while focusing on Human Centric Design and Strategic Business Design.

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