What Is Taught?

What is Taught?

What is Taught?-Legend

Through hands-on projects focused at delivering holistic solutions and ‘immersion’ windows that allow for interactions with relevant industries and user groups, the Innovation Programme ensures rigorous projects that span various themes relevant to our times. As long as a fellow displays tenacity in his process and an inclination towards making the idea real, he/she can work on themes pertaining to a wide range of topics.Students would go through half a year of tutor-initiated projects spanning human centered design, business studies, digital and physical product design and development, trends forecasting, technology futures and scientific research and development. This will be followed by a 20-week major project led by a student to apply all that he has learnt and deliver a strong, impactful, provocative solution.

What is Taught?

Key Features of Programme


Immersions as an integral part of the programme provides the candidates dedicated time to introspect about the learning, experiences and progress. Immersions will allow candidates to immerse themselves in various contexts and situations enabling them to understand socio-cultural demographics. In the innovation journey, immersions will aid the candidate’s personal discovery and to know their place in the world

Project Based Learning

The programme is project based with a heavy emphasis on imparting practical and hands on knowledge. The faculty are innovators, designers, technology professionals, young entrepreneurs and experienced industry leaders. They brings a unique perspective based on their experience and expertise and mentor the projects. The required inputs on technologies will be imparted through Master classes by domain experts and industry professionals.


Candidates will gain the skills of studying any problem in its context with multiple vantage points. They will assess longitudinal trends across time, and apply those learning to arrive at a more holistic, and more future-aware solution.