Who Can Apply?

Who Can Apply?

The Innovation Programme is a one year Programme for aspiring change-makers to use design, technology and business, lined with humanities, to deliver impactful, scalable and fitting solutions.

In a rapidly changing 21st century, the coming together of diverse backgrounds in the cohort of both students and the tutors will be the catalytic factor bringing about great changes.

Graduates, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from various different disciplines across creative, technical and social sciences backgrounds are welcomed to join The Innovation Programme. The Programme uses a student’s undergraduate discipline as well as their work experience, as the foundation for delivering disruptive solutions, and pairs it with frameworks and skills that span a wide spectrum of disciplines through new product development, digital and physical design, business skills, technological trends and more. With multiple formats of collaborations with expert professionals, The Innovation Programme aims to deliver an industry-ready crop of innovators, designers, technologists and strategists.

Eligibility Criteria

An undergraduate degree in any discipline

Working professional, aspiring or existing entrepreneur

4+ years of work experience (preferred but not mandatory)

Strong communication skills

Curiosity, passion and a drive to improve the world