Creative Thinking for Innovation
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Creative Thinking for Innovation
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Jan 2021
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Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum identified creativity to be as crucial as artificial intelligence in performing the jobs of the future. Creativity Makes Us Human. Although computers can do a lot, our ability to imagine something and then actually make it happen, makes us distinctly human. Metacognition (thinking about thoughts) is a distinct human skills and one that keeps us collectively inspired.Cognitive skills in children responsible for learning and problem solving skills can be divided in two buckets: memory and recall skills, also called Lower Order Thinking Skills, and comprehension, critical thinking, creative thinking and logical thinking, known as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

Structured noise is the way our brain takes the familiar learned material and ‘shakes it up’ in a way that gives rise to new, original ideas. MIT ID Innovation Programme recognizes the need to prepare the next generation for the future, for that we need to understand the gaps in the market—the human skills that computers, artificial intelligence, and automation cannot achieve, This is where creativity fits.

Meet your Instructor

A problem solver, a teacher of the Science of Creativity, and the application of the subject to leadership and teams.
With a diploma from Hyper Island in Digital Business Management, focussing on innovation processes, he has spent a decade conducting learning experiences through workshops and lectures.
More than 20 years of experience in Tennis, with National Championship in American collegiate tournament and All American athlete honour. A tennis coach with more than 15 years of experience, coaching juniors in Sweden, achieving national team championships and top rankings. Started to apply Creativity and Design Thinking as a teaching and methodology to tennis players and classes.

Rishu Yadav

Learning and Creativity workshop designer, Sweden. Coach, Former International Tennis Player. Alumnus - Hyper Island, UGL, Collin College.

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the idea process and how to create a diverse detailed blueprint, essential creative principals.
  • Develop creative leadership character, understand, learn the difference of how a group vs creative teams function and how to apply that into one´s work team, psychology and actions of advanced creativity on a subjective level.
  • The knowledge and practise of Creativity is a key factor to our personal development as well as organisational development. In this course the subject of Creativity will be thoroughly explored and presented in a way in which the participant will excel swiftly into understanding creativity holistically, through theory and practise. This course will help set the mode into a sustainable growth in learning and igniting a rapid pace of innovation with the means of applying that knowledge to one’s organisation.
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