Social Innovation
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Social Innovation
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Jan 2021
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From time immemorial, there have always been a few individuals who have risen above mere personal gain, to devote their lives to solving pressing social and environmental ills plaguing society. They did this by employing innovative new methods that were hitherto unknown, or known but not applied. Going by that definition, the Father of our nation,Mahatma Gandhi, can be considered as one of India’s first social entrepreneurs.

“Start-ups are more than commercial success stories.
They are powerful examples of Social Innovation”


Social innovation:


  • Is the practice of using creativity to develop solutions which improve the well being of people &
  • It promotes collaborative action, creative thinking & innovative action to address social need.
  • It uses the experience & insight of those impacted & those concerned to come up with new
    solutions & approaches.
  • It is a way of making change. How you make that change is as important as what change you
    want to bring about.
  • It can help to address local, national & global challenges in our world.

MIT ID Innovation Programme recognizes the need to reach thousands of aspiring social innovators and help them gain the skills and knowledge required for their dreams to become a reality. By training social innovators of the future, MIT ID Innovation Programme aims to help the most pressing global challenges.


Meet your Instructor

Unmesh Kulkarni is a founder member of Oceanic Circles, a collective for social innovation & impact.

Previously he has handled global & regional design leadership roles at Honeywell & Philips, working across continents, living in India & China.

Post his stint at Honewell & Philips, he co-founded a multi-disciplinary design consultancy & appropriate technology lab, Design Matters. Unmesh has designed physical & digital solutions globally across sectors, technologies, & regions, successfully bringing branded product & service solutions to markets at scale across healthcare, industrial IoT, life-safety, consumer appliances & electronics, lighting, FMCG, crafts, appropriate technologies etc.

A firm believer in the power of simplicity & creative empowerment in solving complex, real-world problems, he has a number of design awards to his credit including- 2009 INDEX Award, Red-Dot, Design for Asia, IDEA Eco-Habitat Award, iF Award

Unmesh Kulkarni

Founder Member- Oceanic Circles, a collective for Social Innovation & Impact

Learning Outcomes


  • Introduction to social innovation, impact, and global frameworks
  • Rapid hands-on sprints to apply design methodologies for change
  • Group project that can change the world around you
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