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Leading Transformative Innovation Practice

Illustrate the strategic importance, structural construct and a guided playbook w.r.t Developing and Leading Transformative Innovation Practice in an organization for future growth and value creation.

Social Innovator

Certificate Course in Social Innovation

From time immemorial, there have always been a few individuals who have risen above mere personal gain, to devote their lives to solving pressing social and environmental ills plaguing society.


Certificate in Creative thinking for Innovation

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum identified creativity to be as crucial as artificial intelligence in performing the jobs of the future.

Online Certificate Courses

A robust ecosystem of research and innovation is crucial for India to sustain its large and vibrant economy and uplift its society. Working professionals should aspire to deepen and broaden their knowledge, learn to experience the power of collective teamwork and be guided by higher values which they believe in. With advancement in technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, an increasing number of hybrid jobs where a person’s vocational skills would complement the capabilities of hi-tech equipment are being foreseen. Practice-oriented education would therefore become an integral part of the larger vision of liberal education. All this can become reality only when we allow the Creator / creative being in us to resurface, and we hone our capabilities to equip ourselves with a sharper Innovation mindset. MIT ID Innovation Programme understands the importance of the vision for a robust research and Innovation ecosystem at the global, national, regional level, where professionals can thrive.

MIT stands for the ever-progressive, 4 decade young Maharashtra Institute of Technology.

ID stands for MIT’s 15 year old pioneering Institute of Design.

MIT ID's latest contribution to strengthening the global Innovation ecosystem is the 1 year Post-Graduate Innovation Programme, which focusses on the 4 pillars of Design, Business, Technology, Humanities.

The key features & differentiators of this 1 year course are a Hands-on, highly customised, pro-practical, Project-heavy based Learning, deep Immersions and Humanities.

Moving towards the Launch of the Masterclass Step-Up series by MIT ID Innovation Programme, our Open Online courses focussing on Innovation Essentials, have been launched this quarter. The duration of these certificate courses will range from 1 month to 9 months, in addition to our full time 1 year campus based course.

The Open Online learning courses will feature a variety of industry thought leaders who are a part of the global MIT ID Innovation ecosystem.

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