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November 22, 2020

Since 2018, the world has grown up in terms of innovation and technology.  Digital innovation is trending, which helps to grow from offline to online business market. More than 50% of businesses are now regulated and managed online by using 47% of Artificial intelligence technology. Also, many new web technologies are getting developed every day, so keeping it up with the evolving technologies and channelizing it for boost is essential. Discussed below are the top 10 innovative technologies that will impact the business and will help in growth and expansion. 

Artificial intelligence 

These days AI – Artificial intelligence technology, used in most businesses for security purposes and makes work easy. Today in more than 47% of online companies, AI applications are being used. From forecasting consumer behavior to giving customer service via chatbots, enabling personalized advertising, product recommendations, and much more, AI is changing the conventional approaches. 

5G networks

While setting an online business, the primary need is a network. With 5G coming into the picture, access to the online business will become fast and efficient. It will also increase the probability of hiring remote talent, enhancing business efficiency. 

Applications and software

2020 was a rollercoaster year; things were uncertain. Due to the pandemic, operated the business online. IT experts developed several applications and software to control business remotely. Private companies made their personal business applications that are helpful in 2021. Different applications and software based on remote work systems are going to eliminate the workload, boosting work efficiency. 

Wearable technology

Wearable technology like clothes, watches, glasses is trending and has a great future in business. Wearable technology will scale down the non-productive activities from a business perspective, making employees more focused and efficient. 

Digital assistance

Digital assistants enable a business to focus on crucial matters by taking over the routine jobs without compromising the customer experience. There is no scope of mistakes from these smart assistants, and they can also give reminders for future events. With digital assistants, a personalized customer handling experience can be offered to lots of people at the same time. 

3-D digital figures 

A faraway customer from the seller cannot experience the objects, buildings, or house deals physically in an online business. Through new technology, 3-D figures get designed and 360 degrees and 3-D experience of an item or building virtually. Before looking at the object physically, now customers can evaluate it virtually. This personalized experience of the product boosts customer satisfaction. 

Virtual reality (VI) experience 

Virtual reality is an improved digital innovation that helps to feel reality through the latest innovation and technology. Today around 46% of people use this technology to grow their business. It gives them the excellent quality experience of manually controlled computer reality.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It is an automating technology that helps to control robotic humanoid or standard robots. Different robots get used in business to control and manage various routine tasks. This saves time from doing routine jobs so that the right issues can be fixed at the right time. 

Machine learning

Machine learning is the branch of science, mainly artificial intelligence, which helps in providing business insights, accurate reports, competitive analysis, and market trends,


Different virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc., are part of Chatbots. These are human- questioned specialized technology that helps people to get voice or chat answers digitally. It assures better Customer engagement and service by monitoring the consumer's data. It also helps in lead generation, making it easy to approach to target potential markets.

These are the leading digital technologies that can help businesses to grow. Understanding the evolving innovation and technology needs a vision. The right educational institution can intensify your foundation. If you are looking for one such elite institution, MIT ID Innovation can turn out to the right choice for you because of its experienced faculty and industry exposure and insights.

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