5/7 Digital Innovation Examples




February 21, 2022

Implementation of digital technologies to improve existing business activities and organizational practices is known as digital innovation. It involves developing a technological strategy to boost revenue and cut costs. In fact, knowledge regarding digital innovation is a must if you are doing any business. Here are some digital innovation examples for you to look into.


Multiple Digital Innovation Examples set by Top Global Industries:


1. A digital initiative by Porsche

Porsche has extensive digital innovation in all sections of its operation, taking in every section and team member. One example is Car Connect, which performs various activities like analyzing direction-finding services and real-time traffic information, reading out news, and choosing music. All these facilities are controlled via a smartphone. The car manufacturer’s digital innovation project is expanding automation, i.e., a person can use autopilot mode, and the car drives itself.

2. Dominoes’ mobile app and contactless delivery

Dominos upgraded from a few clicks ordering strategy to voice recognition technology. They focused on its digital approach to allocating their customers to place orders via Slack, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Alexa. Digital innovation in their app resulted in 75% of their customer transactions via the digital route.

3. Disney + OTT platform

Disney purchased BAMTech to acquire streaming technology instead of building it. It spent $52.4 billion on resources from 21st Century Fox, together with some of the most famous characters from Marvel comics. This tactic allowed them to connect with viewers directly. Disney is planning to exceed its revenue with its new Disney+ streaming service. The company shared a word with the press that Disney + currently has 230 million subscribers, and they will become a family of 260 million-member by 2024.

4. Digital innovation brought by Walmart

The Walmart mobile app has combined features of e-commerce with traditional retail. It allows shoppers to gain the costs on their shopping lists ahead of time and then channel them to items on their list once they get into the store. It has also started leveraging machines for everyday and accounting tasks such as cleaning and identifying out-of-stock inventory.

5. Rockwell connects enterprise and experience with automation

Rockwell Automation is a worldwide leader in the mechanization industry. Recently, they have applied the doctrine of digital innovation to the expansion of ‘The Connected Enterprise’. This policy aims to bring people, technology, and systems closer to combine the digital and physical worlds.

6. IKEA partnered with TaskRabbit for product assembly

The Swedish retail IKEA has been at the head digitally. Its online catalogs, home planners, digital product design, and virtual reality show cubicle have earned acknowledgment. IKEA found a chance for product assembly and partnered with TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that helps you to find freelance laborers near you to get immediate help for cleaning, moving, delivery, and handyman work.

So, the collaboration of IKEA and TaskRabbit together will help the buyers to get products assembled in their houses. IKEA has also updated its site so users can check the availability of the TaskRabbit At-Home Assembly service.



Many companies made it mandatory for employees to have courses in innovation. Industries believe that staff with knowledge of innovation have more chances to take the company to great heights. In fact, experience in similar courses increases the probability of getting employment. MIT ID Innovationis delivering a set of courses for learners to access knowledge and increase their potential. We have courses for everyone aiming to pursue a career in digital innovation. Connect with us!

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