5/7 Digital Transformation Examples




February 21, 2022

Digital transformation means using artificial intelligence and digital technologies to convert into existing non-digital businesses and other platforms. It is necessary to meet customers' requirements to upgrade the system of the traditional industry. Young employees understand its necessity and decide to choose a digital transformation course by a reputed institute for better employment. Also, digital transformation facilitates businesses to grow more efficiently and quickly. Here are some digital transformation examples to get a better understanding of it.


Digital Transformation Examples - Services


Customer services have formed a new shape in this digital era. Smartphones and other digital platforms are designed to match the demands of consumers, which gig workers fulfil. These platforms have enabled us to pay electronically and get anything with just a few taps.

Everything is available at the customer's fingertips from ordering food to setting up an appointment with a doctor. People are looking forward to more companies going digital for business because of the influence and ease.


Digital Transformation Examples - Sales


Artificial intelligence also determines the effectiveness of sales techniques and strategies. It has been beneficial to the marketing and sales team in accessing and monitoring a large amount of data on consumer behavior. It benefits salespeople to contact with more and better data. The transition of data to the entire organization brought more eyes on the information and the opportunity to share intelligence across the whole business.


Digital Transformation Examples - Insurance


It brought convenience to consumers as they didn’t have to talk with agents for hours anymore. Consumers can save their time now by visiting insurance company websites. They can compare, enroll, and shop through self-based service portals. The transformations through digital changes are also vital to the agencies as they save their money and don’t hire multiple candidates to resolve users' doubts.


Digital transformation examples - Banking


Banking through online platforms significantly benefited consumers. All the transactions have been handled by bank employees, which consumes a lot of time. Evolution of baking from ATM to plastic money radically helped people. Recently, PCs and mobile devices have increased mobile banking and other cashless settlement transactions. Consumers can conduct bank business via the web, including bill payments and sending funds directly to the mentioned bank account. Screenshots can capture receipts of payments or download them in the form of a PDF.


Digital Transformation Examples - Retails


It has positively impacted in-store retails as well as eCommerce. The clients can have loyalty cards and e-coupons to enjoy benefits from the store. Also, now shoppers are no longer required to chip off coupons from magazines and newspapers; they can just show their phones at checkout to avail discounts.



Digital transformation solves traditional business challenges with new innovative changes. Digitalization has brought reforms to our daily life. It benefits us with the latest technology that can be used to smoothen our business.

MIT ID Innovation understands the requirements that need to be fulfilled to match the organization's standards. Our team successfully helped thousands of students to get their desired knowledge regarding digital platforms. We believe innovation is the future to explore the possibilities and develop meaningful products, services, and businesses. There are plenty of digital transformation courses in India, and you just need to choose the right one for yourself. Join our online courses and develop your skill sets.

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