Activities to encourage innovation at work place




April 22, 2021

Innovation is more of a daily action required for a business to propagate and be successful. In this era of urbanization, it is a daily challenge to grow and innovate. Any business cannot thrive until it has unique concepts and ideology to attract potential customers.  Many businesses and organizations have managed to carry out several activities to encourage innovation among the employees and firm’s ideology. Real-time creativity should be part of the business environment with constant motivation to do better and something that would interest the clients or customers. If you are also planning to encourage innovation at the workplace, we have got you covered.

The following activities will aid in promoting innovation at the workplace -


  • Market Adjacencies

Adjacencies can be understood as the potential segment of the market for the business to consider. It represents the new and latest products and ideas that are related to the company. The major prospect of business model innovation is to focus on the market Adjacencies. This will enable the company to move into these areas and diversify its product range and improve its market hold. 


  • Transparency and open communication

The best way to encourage innovation is to let your employees think freely and clearly. Inform your staff about the company’s goal, expectations and targets clearly, so they know how they should approach. Let them communicate openly as this will allow them to speak fearlessly and will also instil confidence in them. 

Once the staff members tend to be open about their viewpoints and thoughts, they can always promote innovation and creativity at work.


  • Recognition and Appreciation

Most of the employees in an organization are driven by motivation and appreciation to work more. Appreciation is one of the best ways to award the employees, making them feel special and valued in an organization. 69% of the employees are willing to do more innovative work only if they received a proper appreciation for that as per a report.


  • Employee Engagement

Employee engagement plays a major role in business development and innovation. Engaged employees are likely to be more productive and efficient in their workspace. They have a more professional attitude and tend to be more interested in honing their creative skills and taking chances. 

This is the major reason that most of the employee innovation program focuses on the increased engagement of the employees.


  • Innovation Software

The concept of innovation is not limited to human thought processes and creative ideas. Instead, the right number of tools and techniques can quickly realize innovative ideas and concepts. This saves a lot of time and effort, thus improving efficiency at work.  

Therefore, it is important to invest a good amount of capital in the latest tools and technologies that would allow your organization to stay updated and competitive throughout.

All these activities comprise a crucial part of business model innovation projects. You can choose from an incredible range of softwares and techniques to incorporate innovation and science into your workplace. Once a company and its employees start to think and act innovatively, they can successfully create new products, bring out unique and effective designs, meet customer demands and maintain their stronghold in the market. 

However, thinking out of the box is itself a challenge. That's why elite educational institutions are now changing their approach to boost and inculcate these skills in young minds. If you are looking for one such institution, then MIT ID is a name to consider that are striving for an enlightening career of aspirants. 

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