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October 7, 2021

Microsoft's business analytics platform, Power BI Analytics, aids data analysts, scientists, and other technologists to sort through the dataset and acquire critical information quickly. It competes with Tableau and different types of business intelligence software, but it is just one of many tools for many analysts.

Knowing Power BI can be helpful if you want to work in data analytics or business intelligence (especially if your target company has a Microsoft-centric tech stack). However, do you need certifications to get a job that heavily relies on Power BI? Then you are at the right place. Give this article a read and learn about Power BI Analytics certification.


Why get Power BI Analytics Certification?

Learning to use in-demand technology is always a wise move, and a Microsoft BI certification can give you something to talk about in a job interview. You will show initiative and experience in the tool; you need to know how to apply it.

Some technologies are cumbersome to learn, while others require years of coding experience to benefit. But Power BI is really essential (yes, it stands up to its name!): Once you've learned how the solution works, you can leverage your data and generate game-changing reports for your business, whether you're a BI expert or just in the early stages of your career in analytics.

We believe that the Power BI Certification is essential for your professional growth because of the following:

One-stop-shop for all things in BI

We may not like clunky Excel, but it will stick with us. Power BI supports Microsoft's "old folks," so you can import Excel spreadsheets into a system that's a dream to use. One need not think about the loss of data integrity during import! Filter, collect, visualize, and share data, all in the built-in Power BI user interface. That can emerge as a big "thumbs up”!

Companies prefer candidates with extensive knowledge of Microsoft

A large number of companies use Microsoft applications. Therefore, hopeful data scientists should be comfortable with the set of services it offers. Power BI's interoperability with traditional self-service BI tools like SharePoint and Excel makes it an unsurpassed service for data analysts and business intelligence experts. Learn how to use Power BI, and your job offers will likely increase.

You can carry Power BI in your pocket

Wherever you go, help (with data analytics) is at your fingertips! Microsoft offers Power BI in both configurations: desktop and mobile.

Microsoft loves updates

 In 2019, Power BI got a host of new functionality, from tree views to LinkedIn connectivity, and they continue to be added to the service as they roll out the DA-100 Exam.


How can one get a Power BI Analytics Certification?

The exam gives relatively equal weight to knowing how to prepare, model, visualize, analyze data, and deploy and maintain deliverables (again, keep in mind that these exams are updated regularly; what is relevant one year may change the next). To your knowledge, the cost of the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam is $165.

If you want to save time, then you can do a self assessment with essential skills online through "Get started with Microsoft data analytics" and "Prepare data for analysis." Microsoft also offers instructor-led courses, though these may be expensive.


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