Build a culture of innovation and digital transformation at your workplace




April 22, 2021

Innovation and creativity at work are essential aspects of today’s business world. 

A culture of innovation refers to an environment that aids creative thinking for innovation to gain more economic and social value for digital business innovation and transformation. Digital business innovation and transformation refer to new and digital transformation processes to reimage the business and meet consumer requirements

Digital innovation could be observed at work through various automated systems introduced in recent times, like chatbots, HR Payrolls, and the internet. Thus, in this world of cut-throat competition, the only choice left in front of you is to either adapt or die. So, in order to build a culture of innovation and foster digital business innovation and transformation, an organisation could adopt the following practices:


  • Identify the problematic core areas

To adopt a culture different from the existing ones, the areas that hinder the innovation culture and digital transformation at the workplace. These problematic areas then must be given attention and try to resolve them. This activity would eliminate those links, which would weaken your business model's innovative culture and digital transformation.


  • Encourage open perspectives from employees.

Employees' mindset should not be bound to the company's limited walls and the work they are being assigned. An employee with an open mindset who is willing to adapt to change and adapt to new technology should be set as a prototype for other employees to follow. 

Ideas of employees and their opinions must be valued. In this way, they will contribute more to the company. This open mindset would help employees develop creative thinking for innovation and adapt easily to the new digital transformation that might come in future.


  • Hire the right squad

Teamwork is the key to adapt to the biggest of changes that might happen in a business world if the employees you have hired don’t display a set of competencies that may be required to adopt new innovation culture and digital transformations. 

Thus, a good hiring team should be appointed that could evaluate the accurate set of competencies and make a good team. This team would help in the achievement of the goals and visions of the company over time.


  • Provide a resource base

In order for a company to digitally transform and innovate, an adequate number of resources must be provided. If a company does not have the required machinery, valid software to digitally transform, it could never transform itself. 

Similarly, a resource base like open spaces, thinking areas must be provided to stimulate innovation as well to encourage creativity among employees. 


  • Appreciate failure

Adopting an innovative culture and digital transformation is not an overnight process; over time, failures are likely to happen. These failures should not be criticised as they would lower the morale of employees; rather it should be embraced as it signifies efforts. Thus, failure must be appreciated.

It won't be wrong to say that an innovative culture and digital transformation is a necessity without which a company may not survive in the near future. But the complexities involved are not easy to understand. 

Breaking down the complex and integrated approaches into simpler ones, MIT ID is one such leading institution and prime choice of many aspirants who want to embrace innovation and creativity. So, if you are looking for one such mentor and guidance, MIT ID is where you should be. 

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