Design Thinking Brainstorming Strategies




October 3, 2022

Many organizations find success through innovation thanks to design thinking. A concise definition of design thinking is a systematic and organized problem-solving method.

These are most frequently employed in tech-related disciplines like UX and product management and practical ones like architecture, engineering, and graphic design. There are several design thinking courses available, both online and offline.


Why are Design Thinking Brainstorming Strategies necessary?

  • Raising the degree of creativity

We need to create confined context or environment scenarios for the team members to boost creativity levels and generate more original ideas; to do this, we need to create "What if...?" scenario questions.

  • Conceptualization 

The concept development process entails grouping, merging, and selecting the concepts generated in the preceding step, after which the selected ones are further developed.

Concept development should typically take more time than idea-generating. Teams are expected to have produced at least 50 ideas during the brainstorming session and a minimum of 100 ideas. Additionally, as seen in the graphic below, concept development is at the start of the design thinking process' second convergence, which concludes with the "Implementation" phase.


Brainstorming for Success

The approach is heavily reliant on brainstorming. People have written a lot about brainstorming techniques. Although the specifics differ from post to post and firm to company, the general principles are constant. We did our best to include these general principles for you.

  • Establish a deadline

In design thinking classes, it is emphasized that the facilitator must be deliberate in allocating time for your team to be in "brainstorm mode." Judgments of those concepts are not permitted because the only objective is to generate as many ideas as possible.

  • Begin with a problem assertion

Start with a solid question or problem statement. This strategy has been refined into the art of framing issue statements via Design Thinkers and other ideation specialists' methodologies. These questions are specifically "How Might We" inquiries.

  • Encourage unconventional thinking

A brainstorming session fosters creative leaps. Thus it is always a safe space to express odd and borderline crazy ideas.

  • Be visual

Here is where design thinking can help. Make a strategic plan for your ideas. Describe the process from the vision to the plan to the outcomes.

  • Getting support

When it comes to brainstorming and design thinking, sometimes it requires extra work. It is advised to take a couple of design thinking courses for that extra push. This will always give you the little push you need and offer the necessary knowledge on the subject.


A Kickstart in Brainstorming with Design Thinking Courses

Your skill level will increase after taking this advanced design thinking course! At MIT ID Innovation, we offer a variety of courses that were created in collaboration with industry experts who are on the verge of change and action. Be a strategic force or establish an innovative culture in your company. Know what is important. Explore the many online innovation courses that MIT ID Innovation is offering. 

Possessing an advanced certificate in innovation and experience in design, Humans, technology, and business are the three pillars of any user experience. Create user experiences that are value-based by using design thinking techniques.

The MIT ID Innovation Program collects information and encounters that contradict evolution's fundamental tenets. We have therefore set out to determine the future of businesses, neighborhoods, cities, and ecosystems. Enroll in our course on design thinking with an innovation focus to upgrade your skills for the future. Improve your capacity for invention today!



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