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October 20, 2021

Today’s fast-paced world demands innovation and creative thinking to come up with new designs and concepts. No doubt, the human mind is the center of innovation and the foundation of every new idea. That’s why design thinking courses in India, a methodological approach, have emerged as a rising need in the Indian industrial market.

Design Thinking is a certificate course that helps designers create unique and strategic designs that help overcome particular challenges in a business. This human-centric program needs you to utilize basic human skills like empathy, identify the challenge, and develop a creative and effective solution.

How does Design Thinking work?

Design Thinking is a process for solving problems by prioritizing the consumer’s needs around you. The major aspects of the design thinking process are observation, empathy, human-environment interaction, and employing a hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions for an organization.

In simple words, design thinking is a human-centered approach to problem-solving. Here, the major question in most of our minds is how design thinking is any different from other ways of problem-solving?

As a person adopts design thinking, he faces a drastic change required in mindset. That’s right; design thinking requires a particular perspective to ensure successful application in the industry. Have a look at some of the major characteristics of the mindset you need to adopt design thinking:

  • Step out of the comfort zone: Most of the time,  the answer won’t be clear from the start. Although it might feel challenging and not so comfortable, you are bound to come up with unexpected yet practical solutions.
  • It is okay to fail: Failure is a huge part of any problem-solving system, and design thinking is the one that makes the most out of it. Here, failure emerges as a potent tool to learn and push your mind.
  • Less talk, more action: Design Thinking relies on the power of tangibility; therefore, you need to experiment with your ideas towards success.
  • Human focus: Human mind is the most significant resource here. Also, the people around you who need the solution are ultimately your guide for innovation.

Importance of Design Thinking

A design thinking courses in India aims towards building long-lasting value for consumers related to an organization. The process is helpful in any complex system because of the following reasons:

  • Focus on human needs

Humans are an integral part of any organization. Design thinking focuses on human behavior and empathy; it uses an observational, human-centric approach to uncover critical points from the consumer they hadn’t previously thought of. Design thinking can even come across those points that even the consumer isn't aware of.

Thus, the whole process revolves around thinking accordingly and providing solutions to those critical points once they’re identified.

  • Tackles unusual situations

At times, consumers don’t know the actual issues until they face or find it difficult to express their problems in a clear context. But design thinking courses in India emphasize careful observation and analysis of the issues based on natural consumer behavior rather than simply working off their own ideas and assumptions. This truly helps in case of ambiguous problems and finding suitable solutions for the same.

  • Drives curiosity

You all must have heard of the phrase - Necessity is the mother of invention. Design thinking takes this approach practically and helps surface unknown and undiscovered problems in an organization. This is because humans themselves aren't capable of imagining things that they believe do not exist.

Thanks to design thinking courses that push the human mind to the next level and drive the curiosity in you! Using an iterative approach to tackle those problems often leads to out-of-the-box solutions.

  • Promotes faster and efficient problem-solving

While most traditional problem-solving methods are rather time-consuming because of the whole research process, there can be a time crunch. In this case, design thinking works relatively faster by creating prototypes and then testing to see how effective they are. All in all, it results in quicker and efficient solutions within the organization.

Design Thinking Success Stories

‍Success Story #1 - Starbucks

Challenge: The global food and beverage chain was experiencing a drop in sales and poor margins for a while.

Solution: Starbucks took a smart approach and interviewed hundreds of customers to understand better what they expected from their outlets. The team’s significant insights were that customers were looking for a more welcoming and relaxing atmosphere while they sipped on their beverages or worked on their laptops.

Results: Reflecting on these crucial insights, Starbucks started placing round tables strategically making solo coffee drinkers more comfortable and less self-conscious.

Success Story #2 - Nike

Challenge: Nike, a global sports & activewear brand, struggled to become a prominent name amongst the skateboarding community. Due to solid competitors like DC and Globe, they were striving to gain the same level of support.

Solution: Nike took the design thinking approach by engaging with the skateboarders themselves. During conversations with skateboarders, they observed and analyzed what the community was lacking right now and what they expected from Nike. This out-of-the-way approach helped the Nike team gain a better overall understanding of the needs of the skateboarding community.

Results: Nike released the Nike Dunk SB shoe line-up after learning from that customer engagement. They even included skateboard insiders in their design team. Since releasing its Nike SB line of skateboarding-focused shoes, the brand experienced tremendous success among the skateboarding community.

Why should you go for a Design Thinking Course?

The corporate world is a dynamic market where you need to step up with every challenge quickly and efficiently. An innovative approach towards complex problems in the industry has become the need of the hour. The right design directly contributes to better production, services, and customer satisfaction. Who would not want to experience the taste of success through their innovative thinking?

The best Design Thinking Courses in India at MIT ID Innovation

MIT ID Innovation offers a 1-year Design Thinking Program focused on self-driven and passionate individuals. If you aim towards creating innovative products, services, and businesses for the present and future, this is the best course you can wish for!

MITID Innovation Program is the perfect amalgamation of essential domains -Technology, Design, and Business. The objective of this program is to develop a holistic approach towards nurturing innovative minds. This course is for you if you are a graduate or a working professional, regardless of your background. The program welcomes everyone from creative, technical, and social sciences backgrounds to enhance their prior expertise.

The program structure heavily emphasizes practical and hands-on experience rather than just theoretical knowledge.


The MIT ID Innovation Program faculty consists of talented innovators, designers, technology professionals, young entrepreneurs, and experienced industry leaders. The program faculty is known for their unique perspective based on their real-life experience and diverse backgrounds. As you become a part of the program, the faculty emerge as the best mentors you can ever have!

Program Structure

The curriculum of MIT ID Innovation’s Program  is based on four major domains:

  • Design
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Humanities

The program’s interdisciplinary environment creates a proper framework of business studies, social sciences, design thinking, and technology. You will be prepared to take up various roles in the corporate sector, such as innovators, designers, technologists, and strategists.

The MIT ID IP is a 50-week design thinking course. You will undergo various learning experiences in classrooms, workshops, boot camps, masterclasses, research trips, and finally, the important projects.

One of the essential components of this innovative program is the immersion experience that provides you with a golden opportunity to discover and enhance your inner potential. Through an immersive experience, you will achieve maximum clarity about technological possibilities that make an idea feasible. Alongside, you will learn more about the people and society for whom the ideas are being designated and how to make them work.

Key Highlights

  • Course Duration: It is a 1-Year long, full-time residential course.
  • Course Fees: INR 6, 00,000 (including taxes)
  • Incorporating Design, Engineering, and Management
  • Industry placements with personalized assistance
  • Mentorship and funding assistance for innovative start-ups


This unique program is the best way to map your innovation potential so that you can pave your way towards a highly lucrative career. The institute also features close collaborations with some of the most innovative companies that emphasize design and technology. These industry partners collaborate closely with MIT ID Innovation giving you excellent placement opportunities as you pursue the program.

About MIT ID Innovation

MIT ID Innovation is a place where design meets technology. MIT ID Innovation has been a premier institute for design studies in India since 2006. Set up as part of the MAEER’s group, the institute is run under the guidance of design thought leaders like Prof. Kumar Vyas and Prof. Dhimant Panchal. Therefore, MIT ID Innovation has successfully established its strong foundation in leadership, modern pedagogy, and expert design faculties and practitioners.

With more than a decade of excellence, MIT ID Innovation has been successfully nurturing 1300+ creative minds on campus and 1000+ alumni professionals adding to the value of innovative learning. The institute also works closely with the national and international design community, while being a member of CUMULUS, WDO (World Design Organization), and featuring a collaboration with more than 10 reputed universities across the world.

Want to enhance the innovative potential in you? Enroll with us today.

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