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March 29, 2022

Design is the essence of almost everything on this planet. Even the combination of things kept adjacent plays a part in facilitating a new design. Thus, this versatility of the design field and the thinking process of institutions have been merged together to give rise to design thinking and spread awareness about design thinking training.


What is Design Thinking?

Before jumping into the details about where you can procure certifications in this field, let us understand what design thinking essentially means. Design thinking is a process of innovative solutions public and private institutions use to design and formulate their products and services. It is a process where the consumer needs and interactions are closely analyzed to understand how consumers will engage with the existing product or service. Additionally, design thinking is considered as a problem-solving method, where a humanistic approach is taken to improve the customers’ experience.

Instead of spending hours brainstorming on a consumer problem, design thinking urges us to take the trial and error route through prototypes. Businesses utilize the power of design to appeal to customers through visuals and amplify the businesses’ growth strategy, promotional activity, and overall product experience. According to research, businesses generate 32% more revenue through design thinking. Organizations are searching for individuals who can bring a new design perspective to the table and change their success stories.


Benefits of Design Thinking Training

With design thinking training being a significant need in recent times, acquiring in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in this field will significantly impact your career. Excellent design thinking courses in India subsist your passion for transforming the design world and merging creativity with cut-throat businesses.

Here are some of the advantages of getting into the field of design thinking:


● Minimize ambiguity and introduce a new perspective

When things stop making sense or are unclear, design thinking skills help. It helps observe the problems rather than asking the consumers to define them. Moreover, it provides opportunities to treat the issue from a different perspective, using the tools and tricks taught in training.


● Innovation always flows

One of the most beneficial aspects of adopting and learning design thinking concepts is that innovation can offer a solution to all your problems. It helps you dig out the non-obvious parts of a problem, anticipate issues, and put together a plan of action beforehand. Design thinking always leads to creative ideas with a long-lasting and profitable impact.


● Hands-on approach to meet client requirements

As the title states, procuring training in design thinking ensures that you are ready to design and release prototypes and final products that meet the client requirements and solve customer problems, simultaneously. Design thinking training is more than a certification course. It is an experience that stays with you and grows with you as you explore different facets of the consumer market.


● Incentives on the corporate front

With your design thinking knowledge, you can help others and your own organization gain customer loyalty, increase ROI, and build a cost-effective problem-solving method. Design thinking gives you an upper hand amongst millions working to become an asset.


Design Thinking Training with Experts

You need the right guidance to get into the creative and analytical zone. MIT ID Innovation offers design thinking training and courses in India for all design and transformation enthusiasts. The courses are curated based on five stages of design thinking i.e. empathy, definition, ideation, prototype, and testing. We offer flagship programs on design thinking, led by expert faculty and plenty of practical experiences. To become a part of the evolutionary field of design, visit MIT ID Innovation today!

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