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April 22, 2021

In today's world, where the number of problems is on a constant hike, the need for an innovative solution is clearly felt. Innovation for entrepreneurs is a necessity that will help in increasing the loyal customer base for a company. Creativity and innovation skills help in increasing business growth and development prospects for a company. This overall success is owed to creative thinking for innovation.

But what exactly are creativity skills and innovation? The ability to generate novel ideas to solve a problem is called creativity skills. Innovation skills could be explained as exploiting new and novel ideas to gain and increase social and economic value. Innovation and creativity skills are now considered essential in every aspect of the workplace. Even innovation and creativity skills are an inseparable part of an employee innovation programme. Therefore, many organisations are adopting various activities to encourage innovationSome of the activities an organisation could adopt are -


  • Proper assessment of creative skills

The initial step to encourage innovation and creativity in employees is to get a fair assessment through various tests of the level of creativity and innovation in your organisation. The areas of creativity and innovation where a company lacks could be focussed upon, and those areas could be honed deeply. Thus, assessment of skills is a must.


  • An innovation culture must be adopted.

Innovation for entrepreneurs could be achieved in its true sense only when an innovation culture is adopted in the company. The environment of the office should be the one where every member of an organisation is keen to adopt creativity and innovation in their working style. 

Any particular role should not be labelled as creative or not creative; instead, every member should be valued for creative ideas. 


  • Adopt the formula of reflecting, learn and repeat

The employee innovation programme is not a one-day process rather a continuous affair. Therefore, if one idea is unsuccessful, the process must not be put at a halt. The correct process involves three stages. The initial step is to reflect on your own thoughts and ideas and present them before the concerned people. Let there be discussions and feedback. That is how innovation would be imbibed in an organisation.


  • Personalised employee training

Every employee is unique and has a different set of competencies. The strengths and weaknesses of every employee could be analysed. The strengths of employees could be fostered even more by providing them with training in that arena. 

Creative thinking for innovation could be therefore enhanced and increase the productivity of an employee for an organisation.


  • Do not settle

A creative approach could never be fostered in an organisation if the employees have accepted the organisation's current standard as their best performance. The willingness to change and desire to achieve more should never be dead. This could be achieved by setting aspirations, motivating employees and rewarding those employees who achieve and work more than the set targets.

These are a few of the activities to encourage innovation in an organisation. Adoption of these activities could help a company in achieving heights. But at the same time, fostering innovation in mindset is equally important.

Therefore, it is important to enrol in an elite educational institution for a strong foundation. If you are looking for one such premium institution, then MIT ID is the most suitable choice. If you want to learn how to adopt the true essence of creativity and innovation in your working style and looking for a bright future, MIT ID is a worthy investment.

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