Difference Between Technology And Innovation




November 17, 2022

There are several distinctions between technology and innovation. In a word, technology serves as the material foundation for innovation. One's inventiveness can make life easier. 71 percent of companies say that innovation helps them build a great working culture in the company. With the use of technology, new solutions can be built. However, technological advances do not always result in new ideas.

Consider a real-world application. Consider the following scenario: a college student has just discovered a novel idea. When he returned home, he quickly put his newfound knowledge to work and performed various ordinary tasks. Technology relates to university knowledge, whereas innovation refers to the creative application of such knowledge. Let's look into it more to find out more.


What are Technology and Innovation?

Technology encompasses several fields, including tools, methods, and material extraction. The term "technology" has such a broad breadth that it can be construed in various ways. Similarly, technology is a scientific application that assists humans in overcoming obstacles. However, it is critical to recognize that science and technology are independent domains that complement one another to fulfill certain tasks and address specific difficulties.

The introduction of anything new that benefits others is referred to as innovation. Most clearly, innovation is a tool, tangible benefit, or aid that meets a need or gives a competitive advantage. According to the Science Times, several animal species, such as birds and monkeys, use sticks to obtain food from limited locations. That is why it is much easier for certain species to innovate in different environments.


Differences Between Technology and Innovation

Utilizing Theories

Scientists and engineers are responsible for introducing new technology to the globe. They use theories to help meet the world's technical demands. It's not surprising to find parallels between the theoretical frameworks of technological innovation and those of creative endeavor.

The stage at which theory is useful, however, is distinct. While scientists and engineers utilize theories to create brand-new ideas, entrepreneurs apply theories to existing products and processes to simplify their success.


Technology is where innovation comes from. The upshot is that you see the world from a different angle. Technology is a tool for human creativity. Innovation is the application of technology to improve an existing procedure. A product or service gets easier to use when it is enhanced. The basis for innovative thinking is technology.

The Role of New Ideas

It is essential to always seek new ideas when developing technological tools. This is the primary issue. However, the important application of novel concepts is a supplementary component of innovation. At the outset, there must be a requirement for originality. The innovators then use that information to enhance already existing goods and services.


Certain technologies could be region-specific. There may be no links within it at all. In any case, there are no bounds to what can be accomplished via innovation. The quality of internal links is something that should be present in innovations. There could be a close relationship between the two products. As a result, the developed product or process must be compatible with existing ones that have not yet undergone innovation.

Application of Science

Good scientific abilities are required for the development of any technology. The developer needs to grasp the theory, seize the centre, and operate effectively there. Technical, commercial, and strategic abilities are essential for innovating. As revolutionary as the innovation phase may be, it is not quite where science reaches its full potential.



Everyday problems can be solved with the help of technological advances and innovative ideas. Technological breakthroughs give rise to creative ideas. Numerous examples, including theories, applications, moral principles, the environment, and others, demonstrate the differences between these two concepts.

Without the application of new technologies, innovation cannot be made. And suppose you want to learn more about innovative business practices. In that case, the MIT ID Innovation can help you explore and build strategic foresight with online courses in innovation.

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