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October 20, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect course to learn digital transformation? Tired of finding courses with an inadequate syllabus? Enroll in MIT ID Innovation today! The world is slowly transcending into a digitally controlled place with digital courses and skills dominating the sphere. People understand the importance of the digital sector, and the workforce is gradually shifting towards digitization. India is not behind other countries when it comes to digitization, as it is one of the top countries promoting digital skills in the world. The IT sector of our country is well-developed, leading to growth in digital transformation and digital marketing niches. Digital transformation courses in India are particularly important to develop your business into a successful enterprise.

Digital Transformation: An Outline

Digital transformation is a process that involves the movement of a business enterprise from its age-old procedures, order of work and hierarchy to something more suitable and contemporaneous with the present world. It involves integrating digitization in the work process and transforming a business enterprise into a more flexible one. It is not just using the internet to make your business's work easier, but it also means incorporating and utilizing the different tools and resources available on the internet to make your business enterprise formidable.

Digital transformation might have different meanings for different organizations. Some might think that digital transformation is using devices for every task, while others might think that digital transformation means the ability to work remotely. Some might think that it means the transition to cloud services. Depending on the aim of the business enterprise, digital transformation might carry different meanings and methods. Some might digitally transform their business to increase profits, cut costs, improve efficiency or lighten the workload. Either way, this field is growing continuously and is a profitable area to work in.

Why should you attend Digital Transformation Courses in India?

In the wake of the recent happenings of the world due to COVID-19, digital transformation has become necessary as work-from-home culture became a necessity. Using the internet and the available resources on the internet became extremely crucial for enterprises to survive. It is necessary because the work hierarchy was disrupted, and all the businesses were in confusion initially. Digital transformation is just a technique employed by business corporations to enhance the previous work culture and empower the employees to work on their timings.

According to the Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide released by the International Data Corporation in May 2020, spending on the digital transformation of business products, practices, and organizations continues at a solid pace, despite disruptions by COVID-19. The IDC also forecasts that global spending on digital transformation products will grow 10.4 % in 2020 to $1.3 trillion(Ref). Consumers’ behaviours are shifting towards businesses and enterprises that have digitally transformed themselves.

Institutions that offer Digital Transformation Courses

Many leading physical and online institutions offer digital transformation courses in India. MIT ID Innovation is a leading institution in the country that provides a good and insightful course on the same. A respected institution in this field, MIT ID innovation is recommended by the top educators and experts of this industry. The faculty and syllabus of this course is vast and involves extensive knowledge for the students. Read more to find out about this top institution and about what it offers.

About MIT ID Innovation:

One of the leading institutions of India that provides one of the top digital transformation courses in India, MIT ID Innovation, offers a course known as ‘Executive Program in Design Thinking & Digital Transformation’. The course is a comprehensive one, with extensive knowledge being provided to the students by the institution to convert their age-old stagnant businesses into adaptable new ones. The curriculum is vast, with topics such as emerging technologies and business innovation. The course will be instructed by experts in this field, such as leading academicians, industry professionals, and innovation practitioners.

The faculty is global, which will help the students understand the perspectives of different international businesses. The faculty will mentor the professionals who are currently working for the fast-track mode to choose their career effectively and immediately: Innovation Strategist, New Business Development, Digital Business Strategist, Technology Commercialization, Innovation Management, to name a few. After doing this course, the professionals will be able to take a leap in their career, which will make them proficient in dealing with all the digital transformation techniques in the market.

The programme has been designed for business heads, founders, management faculty, and business consultants who want to jump-start their businesses or help other businesses to jump-start. The course will render senior management heads and senior executive officers able to transform the business using innovative methods and top-notch strategies. The institution also offers some of the best Innovation Courses in the country.

Who should attend this course?

The course has been designed for several heads of companies who wish to change their conventional and old fashioned notions about business and turn their enterprises into globally respected ones. The course will suit the following:

  • C-Suites, CTOs, CIOs, Business heads and management heads who have been given the responsibility to initiate digital transformation and are in the midst of converting their business digitally.
  • Business or IT Consultants who are responsible for strategic planning or value propositions and for leveraging digital transformation frameworks.
  • Founders and Co-founders who are willing to digitally transform their business and are seeking to make use of the opportunities provided by the digitally changing landscape.

Outcomes of taking this course

The outcomes of taking this course are highly beneficial. This Executive Programme in Design Thinking & Digital Transformation will render business heads, co-founders, and management units with the necessary leadership skills and the required strategic intelligence to initiate digital transformation processes and successfully execute the necessary procedures. The programme will help the students to establish a balance between technicality and strategy needed to convert your enterprise.

After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to learn the practical business application of design thinking concepts, learn about various resources and tools of digital transformation, develop your business and strategic skills and improve your innovation, work with specific industries to help them plan their own digital transformation process. All of these skills are highly required in today's competitive world and will help you grow as a professional.

Things to remember

Many top institutions in the country offer courses and certifications in digital transformation. Digital transformation requires a business mind, dedication, and innovation to improve one’s business. It is completely necessary in today’s world as the remote work culture is growing day by day, and people are opting for remote work opportunities more and more.

The youth of today wants financial freedom and the power to control one’s working hours. Also, with a growing number of entrepreneurs emerging with each passing day, digital transformation can improve the reach, increase the payout and promote efficient work. The top institute of India that offers a recognized and valuable digital transformation certificate is MIT ID Innovation. These institutions have excellent instructors and an outstanding curriculum with globally recognized degrees.

The course’s pricing is INR 2,50,000( Standard fee), and the duration is 12 months. The course is extremely vital in digitally transforming your business and is highly recommended for professionals and consultants looking for ways to expand their reach and boost their income. It will give you the strategic intelligence and the technicality required to transform your business and change it for the better. This course will make you innovative, creative, and business-minded, which is necessary these days!

About MIT ID Innovation:

A leading institute in innovation, digital transformation, business, and design, the institute nurtures think tanks and offers them resources to nourish their creativity, and gives them a platform to express their innovative ideas. The institute was initially founded to create a new breed of innovative thinkers and people who could revolutionize several sectors. With numerous courses on Business Innovation, Innovative Design, and Digital Transformation, MIT ID Innovation stands on the top as a premier educational center offering only the best to all the students.

The faculty is globally respected and provides an immersive educational experience. We understand how important it is for students to move forward in their life with a revolutionary aim, so we provide them with a ladder in the form of resources and materials and help them climb that ladder. We believe in nurturing our students and getting them ready to face the real world and smile in the face of adversity. We imbibe the values of hard work and perseverance in them, in turn teaching them that there is no place for comfort if you want to get ahead in today's rat race. Our students become innovative thinkers and experts in their respective fields, earning us respect and recognition globally.

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive course in India on Digital Transformation, enroll in MIT ID Innovation’s Executive Programme in Design Thinking & Digital Transformation today! For more information and details, visit our website or contact us now!

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    MIT Pune: The pioneer of MIT institutions

    The MIT Group of Institutions pioneered the revolutionary extension of higher training in Maharashtra. MIT Pune contributed to bringing high-quality education to every student who aspired to train under excellent faculty. With 32 years of expertise, the MIT Group now includes 64 institutions, more than 6,500 teaching and non-teaching professionals, and more than 12 sites across Maharashtra to meet the educational requirements of more than 50000 thousand students.

    MIT Pune is regarded as one of Maharashtra's finest educational establishments, and it is on par with the greatest in the world of academia. The institute works with other colleges and universities to provide our students, professors, partners, and staff with various learning opportunities. These collaborations are focused on curriculum development and advancement, as well as research and interaction programs.

    Vision and Mission

    The university's vision is to foster a peaceful coexistence by instilling a value-based global inclusive education, with the sincere belief that only the combination of technology and religion/spirituality can bring humanity harmony.

    Their mission is to use scientific and technological knowledge for the benefit of society.

    The foundation of MIT Institute of Design

    With a strong foundation and credibility, MIT Pune founded the MIT Institute of Design under MAEER MIT Pune. MAEER's MIT Institute of Design began operations in August 2006, directed by the best brains in Indian design education at the time, intending to establish itself as a world-class research and teaching centre.

    The institute ensures that the students learn from the best and most skilled personas in the field. For this, advisers from diverse design-related fields are asked to connect with the design trainees and encourage them to explore novel areas that will supplement and strengthen their continuing design education.

    At MIT Institute of Design, students not only get the best academic design thinking courses in India but are also provided with world-class facilities and amenities to enhance their knowledge. Over 100 acres of campus are located just 8 kilometres from Hadapsar, Pune. 5000+ residential students have access to an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a Gymnasium, Archery, Tennis, Badminton, and a Rowing Club. The amenities as mentioned above are spread out over a 40-acre plot of land.

    The university of MIT ID hopes to offer value to the design world via the department under MIT Pune. Design Habitat is a reasonable and inevitable outgrowth of their ideology, ensuring a universal environment conducive to design learning. The design industry's mainstays guarantee that students have the best possible access to every conceptual design.

    All of the design programmes are focused on establishing a real knowledge of structural space via analytical skills, self-directed study, and an integrated research approach through active learning, which is learning by exposing students to real-world situations.

    About MIT ID Innovation

    As you might expect, design innovation is a method for generating new ideas. It focuses on meeting people's demands with technologically possible solutions and developing a successful business plan to capitalize on this market potential. These are the criteria to which we, as people and as an Education Technology and Design start-up, adhere. It's something we do regularly; we aim to use Design Innovation to unleash the brilliant ideas of learners and lecturers so that they can (train youngsters too) take on today's and tomorrow's difficult issues.

    With a similar idea in mind, the MIT ID Innovation Programme was founded as a flagship under the MIT Institute of Design. It is a one-year program for self-motivated and enthusiastic students who want to develop cutting-edge goods, services, and companies for today's and tomorrow's worlds. To build a comprehensive approach to design and innovation, MIT ID Innovation offers one of the best innovation courses in India which integrates Technology, Design, and Business. Graduates and business professionals from various artistic, technological, and social science disciplines are welcome to apply. The curriculum framework is entirely project-based, with a strong emphasis on teaching practical and hands-on expertise.

    Developers, designers, industry specialists, successful entrepreneurs, and seasoned industry executives make up the MIT ID program's instructors. Each lecturer provides a distinct viewpoint based on their expertise and knowledge and serves as a supervisor for the participants' initiatives as part of the curriculum.

    An insight on the curriculum of the courses

    The institution intends to conduct hands-on initiatives aimed at offering comprehensive solutions. They offer an 'immersion' interface that allows for engagement with important companies and professional associations, making them one of the top innovation courses in India. The programme also assures demanding projects that cover a wide range of topics pertinent to our day. Students have the option of selecting themes from a variety of topics based on their interests and skills.
    Students will participate in faculty-led initiatives encompassing human-centred design, business administration, virtual and analogue design and development, effects analysis, technological possibilities, and scientific research & innovation throughout a half-year. The students will lead a 20-week major project to apply what they've learned and create a powerful, effective, and unique solution. Students participate in various learning activities, including taught courses, seminars, training courses, seminars, research excursions, and, most significantly, projects, throughout 50 weeks in the MIT ID program.
    The moment of rupture, which allows students to explore their true creativity and regularly assess their learning and development in the programme, is an important part of the curriculum. Immersions are designed to help students get insight into technology options for creating a concept a reality, about the individual and communities for whom they are creating, and about recognizing their capacity to make the difference they want to create.

    How does the curriculum of MIT ID benefit students?

    Under the direction of seasoned academia and industry specialists, one of the top innovation courses in India is designed by a group of young and energetic inventors and designers. The curriculum is provided through a series of challenging projects that are constantly supported and supervised by industry professionals and academics.

    Change your mindset about innovation

    This session will introduce the notion that innovation is a creative process that necessitates a change from a traditional mentality to one of experimenting and understanding through doing.


    An initial program that allows students to collaborate with each other in the design thinking courses in India to develop a viable commercial, design, or technological solution, allowing them to relearn what they already know and apply a comprehensive methodology to innovation.

    Human-centered innovation

    Students will collaborate with a range of groups and institutions that work directly on social issues in order to offer meaningful solutions that address the pain points of the people for whom they are creating. This will conclude with an invention pitch in the form of a corporate presentation.

    4.0 World

    Learners will anticipate their visions of a futuristic society by charting geopolitical, financial, cultural, and technical trends and extrapolating human interactions, goods, and activities in each. They'd then propose solutions using a variety of mediums.

    Creating with digits

    This course focuses on virtual and analogue product design and development, culminating in demonstrations and a display. Students will develop sturdy prototypes to illustrate their ideas influenced by brand principles and new technology with the best design thinking courses in India.

    Significant undertaking

    Students will spend the second quarter of their VIF experience engaging alone or in groups of two to come up with a compelling large project that combines what they've learned so far in a disciplined structure to produce a comprehensive innovation.

    Courses offered in MIT ID Innovation

    PG Diploma in Innovation equivalent to MBA in Innovation

    The MIT ID PG Diploma in Innovation offers a one-year meticulous education in the confluence of organizational and functional innovation, preparing students to recognise business opportunities, use innovation theory, and establish new entrepreneurial activities employing new technologies.
    The degree is equivalent to an MBA in innovation or design management that integrates Design, Technology, Business, and Humanities to provide a comprehensive framework for innovation. The course has been authorised by the UGC, and the class size is restricted to only 25 learning creators. The goal of an MBA in design management is to enhance the creative economy by organizing an innovation accelerator that turns ideas into real enterprises with the help of a broad group of students.
    Graduates, experienced/working individuals from a variety of creative, technological, and humanistic disciplines will benefit from this course. Candidates explore potential talents while working closely with industry specialists, receiving active career advice, and receiving support for lifetime professional growth.

    Design Thinking Courses

    In the modern economy, the ability to think creatively is highly prized. Employers are looking for someone who can think creatively to solve problems in company operations. Critical thinking and creativity are two talents that may help you develop your inventive thinking abilities and offer new ideas to your job.
    The MIT ID Innovation Program acknowledges the need to prepare the next generation for design thinking courses in India, which necessitates an understanding of market shortages. MIT ID offers Creative Thinking for Innovation, a four-week curriculum that covers the idea generation process and how to develop a diversified comprehensive blueprint, as well as other key creative principles.
    Creativity, both in principles and application, is a critical component of both professional and personal growth. This program is one of the most inclusive design thinking courses in India. It will extensively investigate and explain the concept of creativity in such a way that the learner will advance quickly in comprehending creativity comprehensively, via principles and application.

    Digital Transformation Course

    The process of converting old company processes to new digital techniques to enhance efficiency and keep up with quickly changing market needs is known as digital transformation. For developing digital business transformation, digital innovations need a knowledge basis. Customer experiences, artificial intelligence, and supply chain advances such as IoT are examples of these systems. Learners must understand the procedures involved in implementing new digital transformations when they come down the chain.
    In collaboration with industry experts, MIT ID provides Digital Transformation courses and certifications to help you leverage data analytics and the digital economy to change company operations. You may assist company executives in minimising disruptive technologies and navigating their digitalization path. Our Digital Transformation course gives you a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation and how it may assist everyone in a company. It covers the important variables to examine the digital transformation plan for any company.
    Digital Transformation courses are meant to educate you on the fundamentals of the digital platform, such as organizational change and the product development process. It also explains what you should do with outdated tech.

    User Experience Design Course

    This 9-month course focuses on introducing the learner to User Experience (UX) Design. User experience design is oriented towards the user. The objective is to create artifacts that help users achieve their goals in the most efficient, effective, and satisfying way possible. The beginner is introduced to a cycle of discovery and assessment, as well as a set of procedures that suit the user's requirements.
    Through teamwork and role-plays, students have an intensive peer-learning opportunity in this course by MIT ID. Throughout the course, real-life case studies will be explored.
    This course is designed for beginners. It is intended for students who have heard of "user experience" or "user interface" design but have little knowledge of these fields. The mantra is to understand the "Mind Set, Skill Set, Tool Set" of an Experience Designer.


    While you're capturing your growth, strive to be ready with the next level of customer offering. Repeat the process of becoming a pioneer. The following stages in the value ladder that you might be able to provide should be foreseen, conceived, and tested as soon as possible.
    Students will learn about coming up with new ideas, doing research, and inventing. Not only that but also how to adapt their area of expertise (discipline) or a topic of great interest to their position as part of a dynamic and varied group of people. Every course student of MIT ID will work together to create a business plan that incorporates their collaborative skills.