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July 14, 2021

UX design is a rapidly growing field with big companies hunting for more and more employees every year. Recruitments are on the rise; however, there is much uncertainty on what UX design is. And those who do know about it are unaware of reputed institutions that train eligible candidates. 

Let us find out more about the background and startup of what is UX design.

What is UX Design?

UX design, an abbreviation for “User Experience Design,” is the method of planning and executing the concept helpful and exciting for users or consumers. The term "Interaction Design" refers to what is design about. It is everything that a user encounters. This includes features of marketing, style, accessibility, functionality, and the entire process of obtaining and incorporating the product.

History of UX Design

Knowing the context and history of UX is critical to grasping what UX design is and the importance of this subject. The further we understand its beginnings and the reasons and dynamics that shaped it, the adequately equipped we will be to manage the future.

Don Norman, a behavioral psychologist, and designer, created the word in 1993 while working at Apple Computer. However, the UX profession predates the word.

4000 BC: The significance of space and Feng Shui

The most fundamental ideas of UX could well be dated back to the time of the Chinese concept of Feng Shui, which dates back to 4000 BC. Feng Shui is very much about organizing your environments in the most ideal, peaceful, or user-friendly way possible, whether it's a workplace, a room, or a whole structure. The final aim is much the same as UX design: to produce a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

1966: The first UX designer

Engineers are not the first and only ones who have contributed to the development of UX. Walt Disney is one of the earliest UX designers. His 'Imagineers' core principles were to understand the customer, walk in their shoes, and communicate using color, structure, shape, material, and other elements.

1970s: Computers and Apple

The age of desktop computers began in the 1970s, with psychologists and technologists collaborating to concentrate on the user experience.

What is UX design discipline?

Information architecture

An information architect will assist you with reorganizing, categorizing, and labeling data into what is design for a user-friendly framework.

Interaction design

Human-Computer Interaction is an academic subject that deals with interaction design. An interface designer determines just what the user's objectives are and then decides what resources are required to attain those objectives as efficiently and effectively as feasible.

Usability engineering

Usability Engineering is a vital technique for guaranteeing that a web page satisfies the demands and standards of its visitors. It has its origins in Human-Computer Interaction. Usability testing, often known as usability engineering, is a subject that offers organized methodologies for attaining accessibility in user interface design during the production of a product.

What Is UX Design value?

Good UX design may ensure that your user experience does not turn customers away from your product. It might assist in attracting and retain customers and encourage people to interact with your item or brand. Uber, Etsy, Airbnb, and several other firms have shown UX design’s value and its worth throughout decades.

The value of UX design is equal in terms of the advantages it provides and the problems it may save you from.

How to become a UX Designer?

A strong foundation is crucial for a well-established career. MIT ID Innovation offers interested students a chance to learn everything about what is UX design. Apart from theoretical, students can learn together with group activities and develop their skills. 

MIT ID Innovation awards students with a verified digital certificate for their hard work and success post-completion of the course!

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