How To Build A Product Innovation Strategy?




January 5, 2022

The employees, consumers, company processes, and creative strategies are the keys to a successful business environment. Through product innovation strategy, leaders collect and understand the complete details of products a company offers and their environment. There is nothing wrong with getting points from others, but copying their strategy for your organizational growth is a mistake. A clear-cut product innovation strategy helps you to match your specific competitive needs (Kheirandish & Mousavi, 2018).

Need of an Product Innovation Strategy

Without a product innovation strategy, an organization fails, even if there’s a clear business strategy. Salespersons hear about the needs of the biggest customers daily. Business heads only focus on their target markets. R&D teams and engineers only focus on new technologies. A successful product innovation strategies is needed to join all these diverse perspectives. According to McKinsey, 80% of business people think their existing business layouts are at risk of interruption shortly, and 84% believe product innovation is essential to their growth strategy.

Building a Product Innovation Strategy

Building a product innovation strategy starts with constructing a plan that focuses on the best possible way to win. Following are the steps that help develop and implement product innovation strategies at the organisation.

  • Objectives and strategic approach

Product innovation strategy starts with understanding your objectives. Create a clear picture of your future goals and targets. Think about your long-term goals and the things that drive your business forward. The different approaches to product innovation strategies are business model innovation and modifying the current business model. Business model innovation includes the creation of new and unique ideas to support financial capability and mission. Leveraging the current business model improves the core business by making some changes.

  • Understand your customers and competitors

Understand your field market in which you are operating and the customer approach. To develop a successful product innovation strategy, respond to your customer reviews first, listen and understand their needs and remove the rest. Trying to know the happenings in the market is essential. Competitive needs are individual and specific, don't copy another player's strategy for your success. All these approaches in a unique way will make your product innovation strategies successful.

  • Prepare a value proposition

Defining a unique value proposition creates a competitive advantage. Focus on creating value that saves both customers money and time, and provides larger benefits. Concentrate on making your product perform better, conveniently, durable, and affordable compared to the older version product and the others in the market. To create a unique value proposition searching and utilising new uncontested markets is essential. You can also call it value innovation. Value innovation gains an advantage by searching for something beyond the current understanding of the industry. A unique value innovation gives the best chance for swimming in the blue ocean.

  • Develop your core capabilities

When assessing your set of capabilities, consider the working culture, research and development team, employee behaviours, values, and skills. To win at delivering new technology, you should have additional skills, strategies, and knowledge to build that plan structure. Connecting with people and developing these skills is the key to product innovation.

●       Execute your innovation strategy

Executing the product innovation strategy in an integrated way is essential. Consider partnering with the key people and set individual goals that support your product innovation strategies. Provide a clear direction and guidance to make product innovation successful.

Need of Product Innovation Programs

MIT ID Innovation offers you product innovation programs that help you learn about innovation, techniques and disruptive strategies. MIT ID Innovation's product innovation training gains you the power of disruptive innovation to create a successful organization.


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