How to encourage Innovating Thinking in the team?




February 23, 2021

Today, many big MNCs have set new trends to introduce various innovative ideas, which has helped those companies reach a new height of success. Innovation Thinking basically includes the usage of unique concepts to implement or introduce new products by making them more efficient. According to various studies, it was concluded that nearly 90% of businesses innovation is important in many ways for the business-like for:

Just like a human needs the backbone to support the human body; similarly, team innovation is also needed to support the business and also for its success. Innovation Thinking helps a business in preparing for hidden opportunities or threats, identifying loopholes and taking advantage for business to grow, and many more. 

Now that it is clear that innovative thinking does help in real, so mentioned below are the ways to promote and encourage innovative thinking in the team at the workplace -

 Give employees a reason to care: One basic thing is that the company's employees must feel connected with their company. A lot of times, employers ignore their employees as a consequence; they either feel left-out or not valuable for the organization. Connection with the company will help employees to think about the company as they are accepted as an essential part of the organization. This connection motivates employees and imparts a feeling of care towards their company and to work together.


  • Set the example: Everyone has an idol in their life, and their thinking and ideologies inspire various other people. Similarly, a leader of the department is also responsible for the department's performances. And it is highly important for a leader to do things creatively to represent themselves as an example for his/her teammates, and it also motivates their team members to work in a smart manner.

However, there is a fine line of difference between presenting a role model and presenting a comparison. The latter often triggers employees instead of motivating them. 


  • Ease up: Many employees feel highly overworked when they work sixty-hour weeks for many months, and this thing makes them unproductive. Employees must be encouraged to make them realize that innovation is also prior, just like basic assignments. Easing up the company's tasks for employees by breaking the tasks into parts, providing them with some small amount of free time will break the monotony and will allow them to think innovatively with a fresh mind. 


  • Do anything to minimize your stress so that you can give your best shot: A positive attitude always invites new thoughts and innovative ideas. If a leader is stress-free, they can surely create a good environment for the employees to drive the whole team towards innovative thinking. Similarly, as a leader, ensure that your team is also stress-free. 


  • Promote Collaborations: It always said that a great team always come up with various different innovative ideas. And to promote innovative management, collaborations among the company members must be encouraged to invite various innovative ideas in a huge amount.


Every time we blink our eyes in today's era, a new invention takes birth in any corner of the world. With this rising number of innovative inventions, the competition also increases, so it is highly important to think out of the box.

The main reason why many people fail in the area of thinking innovation is that they are not guided properly to think beyond the world's imagination. And in this case, the right institution can surely help because only the right institution knows how thinking innovatively can promote innovation management. So, if you also want to impart the right skills for innovative thinking to make your mind drift to the road beyond the world's imagination, then MIT ID Innovation is the right place.

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