How to Use Creativity In The Management Sector?




March 15, 2022

Looking for new ways to boost your organization’s performance? Consider adding a little creativity to your management techniques. A manager essentially has 4 main jobs, all of which have room for creativity:

  • Planning
  • Engaging
  • Problem Solving
  • Feedback

Read further to find out how you can bring a flare of creativity into your management role.


Assigning tasks to your team

A more productive approach would be to encourage your team to perform self-assessments and determine for themselves which task they are best suited for. This approach provides valuable insight into your team’s ability to evaluate themselves and is more likely to result in your team being happy with their jobs.


Setting deadlines

If your team is struggling with deadlines, it may be time to consider some more creative options for setting and meeting deadlines. Here are some ideas:

  • Involve the team in the deadline-setting process.
  • Take the time to explain why meeting the deadline is crucial to the project.
  • Lead by example. Share the methods you use to meet deadlines.


Creative ways to engage your team

Engagement refers to the interest with which an employee goes about their work. You can drastically improve your team’s engagement through use of some creative ideas.


Why is engagement important?

According to a study conducted in the UK, only around one-third of employees claim to be actively engaged at work.

It was shown that companies with greater employee engagement also depicted the following benefits:

  • Twice the Annual Net Profit
  • 2.5 times greater revenue growth
  • 12% higher customer satisfaction
  • 18% higher productivity

The study also found that companies with higher engagement reported 59% of employees felt more creative at their jobs, whereas, companies with low engagement reported only 3%.


Improving your team’s engagement

Here are some creative approaches you may take to foster an engaging work environment:

  • Periodically assess your team’s engagement. If someone isn’t happy with their work, discuss ways to make it more comfortable or enjoyable.
  • Periodically assess your team’s engagement. If someone isn’t happy with their work, discuss ways to make it more comfortable or enjoyable.
  • Periodically assess your team’s engagement. If someone isn’t happy with their work, discuss ways to make it more comfortable or enjoyable.


Creativity in problem solving

Now let’s talk about some creative methods to help you build a team that solves their own problems.

  • Problem solving algorithm

Instead of handing your team solutions on a silver platter, introduce a ‘Problem Solving Algorithm’ for your team to follow when they face difficulties. For example, you could encourage your team to ask themselves a set of problem solving questions”

  • Is there really a problem? If yes, define it clearly
  • Why has this problem occurred?
  • What solutions can you think of?
  • Did those solutions work? If no, why not?
  • What resources could we provide to help you implement a solution?


Creative ways to effectively provide feedback

The last job is to ensure that the team is improving for the next project. To provide feedback is being communicated most effectively; expanding your feedback sources and forms can prove helpful.

It can be valuable for the employee to receive it from their manager and the team they worked with. It can also be informative to hear an employee’s feedback of themselves.

Feedback can also be more effective when provided in various forms. Instead of following the standard MCQ feedback form, try individual interviews, team discussions, presentations, etc.



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