How To Use Design Thinking In Education




March 29, 2022

Design Thinking is superfluous to mention when talking about innovation. Design thinking often comes to light when a group of people has to start a new project or solve a complex problem. Design thinking helps you solve problems creatively. Before design thinking, startups and industries used many techniques to solve such complications, but design thinking explicitly focuses on human-centered creative problem-solving. Design thinking skills in education enable students to identify and generate innovative solutions for the problems they face.

Design thinking is the strategy of empathizing and using additional tools to innovate or solve problems creatively. Students who can solve complex problems are named astute workers of society. The approach for design thinking may be different for different companies, but the 5 phases associated with design thinking will remain the same.



The first phase is often about gathering information and understanding the customer's needs.



Define the ideas and conclude the information gathered from the previous step.



At this phase, you present ideas generated from the facts gathered from the previous step.



In this phase, you filter the ideas and decide the best course of action. You are required to develop a partial test prototype according to the design. The test prototype inspects whether the ideas suit and match the customers' perspective.



You test the prototype with the end-users to validate the design before the development.

Design Thinking in Education

Design thinking perhaps is applied to any subject which primarily focuses on innovation and creation. Design thinking in education will let a student solve a problem individually. The learning process in design thinking integrates problem-solving and problem finding.


1) Design thinking will help a student in creative thinking.

Since design thinking resembles innovative thinking, it ensures students improve their individuality. Design thinking allows students to detect and define issues and subsequently develop solutions.


2) Design thinking will make a student open-minded

Design thinking shapes the path of the creativity of a student. When students start solving their problems with their ideas, it will enhance their confidence. That assurance will make them speak for their rights and accept reality.


3) Designing thinking - a must skill

As discussed previously, companies have multi techniques for designing and solving the issues. Industries are broadly applying the design thinking approach as it deals with every bit that can give a customer a satisfying project.

In design thinking, students will adapt to learning which involves gaining knowledge through exploring. Design thinking involves the accurate pathway of analyzing problems which gives great experience to them.


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