Innovation – The Forbidden Fruit




November 22, 2020

Once upon a time, while mankind was slowly discovering its inherent capability to evolve, many miracles came to light. Since then, human beings have been balancing their beliefs between laws of nature and some of Einstein’s.

While the world has seen a million years and more, mankind is yet to adapt fully and freely, its natural instinct of innovation. From nursery to business schools, innovation has always been valued as an ‘added advantage’. Unaware of the inherent capability of human beings, innovation longed for many years to be loved by us. As the era of technology came in, science took over the conversation to an ‘intellectuals only’ level, leaving the regular crowd away. And innovation felt a little heartache seeing the new found infatuation between mankind and technology. 

But it is said that innovation’s story goes way back to the forbidden fruit. An apple introduced us to thinking, while another is still showing us how to ‘Think Different’. The world has witnessed the wave of innovation in all phases through a progressive relationship. And look’s like now it’s trying to win it back with a change-over of behaviour. The world has realised to keep science and innovation away from each other yet, love each one differently. And through a new chapter, design thinking, experience design and social innovation have been nurtured as fruits of love with creativity. 

Today, we are in the middle of a design experience we created for ourselves many years ago and timed it to appear before us like a full manual service design. Today, we are a part of a digital transformation set rightly in a business model of innovation, created with love. Today, we are in a revolution started by innovation that is slowly turning the world into an ecosystem that nurtures with love, creativity in every aspect of an innovation mindset. 

The world is moving ahead, and moving on from the obsession of Business Administration to the love of Business Innovation. The world is setting its priorities right and is all set to make amends and bring together the seeds of the forbidden fruit alive with the most human instinct called innovation. 

You are a part of this innovation ecosystem where every little doing is seen as a probable evolution and every thought glows with creativity. Holding hands of technology and science, innovation comes out and says hello to all the minds that once shied away from thinking differently. The new ecosystem is here, to stay while sowing seeds of futures to come. 

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