Introduction To Open Innovation Strategy




January 5, 2022

The global market sphere is constantly changing, and it has become increasingly challenging to keep up with the new trends. Many businesses resort to unique and innovative strategies to help them get the upper hand amidst the competitive digital world.

The highlighting new trend that has engulfed the market space is an open innovation strategy. According to the open innovation model, businesses become open to internal and external ideas that drive their growth and productivity. This new age innovative model is growing its famous roots all over the global sector.

What is an Open Innovation Strategy?

Open Innovation refers to the innovative strategy employed by organizations where they seek help from external agents. Rather than solely relying on the company's internal team, the advent of open Innovation opens doors to experts in the outside circle like consultants, research institutes, suppliers, customers, or start-ups.

According to a survey, 61% of companies focus on open innovation strategies to generate new business development ideas. This unique and improved approach to Innovation lets the company keep up with the changing trends and make informed decisions while designing a product or service. In order to understand in detail the dimensions of open innovation strategy, there are several courses in Innovation that address its benefits and future aspects.

Types of Open Innovation Strategy

To implement the right open innovation strategy, it is essential to know about the different open innovation types. Companies can use different methods that align with their goals for the best results. Here are the types of open Innovation:

  • Intracompany - The innovation initiated within the organization among different departments.
  • Intercompany - The innovation happens between two or more companies.
  • Experts - The innovation ideas borrowed from experienced professionals outside the office.
  • Public - Innovation strategies are derived from the crowd.

Benefits of Open Innovation Strategy

The inclusion of open innovation strategies in the company's core has various direct benefits. Here are the significant benefits of the open innovation model:

  • Increased cost-efficiency

Including an open innovation plan for companies can lead to profitable outcomes. A healthy and effective partnership brings out the best of employees and thus improves cost-efficiency.

  • Fast-paced development

Since more people are involved in the process, the decisions can be taken in a fast-paced manner and guaranteed results.

  • New revenue sources

More funding options get broadened, and new sources of revenue open up when implementing the open innovation strategy. This increases the chance of establishing mutually lucrative partnerships.

  • Latest technology and expertise

Contrary to the traditional closed innovation, open innovation calls for the aid of experienced professionals who are well versed in the latest technological advancements in different domains.

  • Low risks

Since there are a lot of expert minds involved in the implementation of a project through open innovation, the risk of development becomes reduced.

  • User-focused brand strategy

The companies can make use of customer-generated content and feedback to shape their actions and build a strong brand identity.

  • Explore new talents

By focusing on open innovation channels, you will be able to explore new and undiscovered talents with great potential for your business.

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