Is A Career In UX Design Successful?




July 14, 2021

There are no specific regulations as to who can achieve a thriving career in UX design; they emerge from various areas of life. The domain of user experience design is vast, diverse, and exciting. It influences the goods and services we use routinely, and it may make all the difference in a company's or label's reputation.

Want to start a career in UX design? 

UX designers aspire to create goods, processes, and technology that people often use as consumer-friendly and transparent as feasible. They employ design thinking to balance the needs of users with technological feasibility and solvency.

While many UX designers include backgrounds in creative or graphic designing, companies have discovered that anybody can have a successful career in UX design if they put in the effort. It's much more about your hobbies, ambitions, and what genuinely pushes you to be a perfect fit for UX.

Here are some basic set of skills everyone wanting to pursue a career in UX design must possess:

Capability to perform wireframing

Wireframing enables UX designers to improve the rational and valuable stream of data and web page functionality.

Technique to do user analysis

Because the goal of UX is to provide consumers with a comfortable and rewarding experience, a UX designer should be able to grasp and comprehend what people genuinely desire.

Ability to prototype swiftly

Those seeking a career in design employment must be incredibly flexible and capable of fast prototyping in the most recent software versions to get quicker and effective design outputs.

Future scope of a Career in UX Design

There's no doubt that a career in design will provide you with a reliable future. Not only is the demand for such experts on the rise, but some companies solely focus on hiring UX designers. Find out more about the scope of a career in UX design below.

Rapid growth in the sector

Never-ending opportunities await UX designers to enter the market and improve user experience. According to stats, every day, consumers spend over 2 hours and 51 minutes on their devices, with 22% of them checking their smartphone once every few minutes. UX designers are in high demand since they provide an excellent user experience that contributes to statistics like these being a reality.

Rise of design-driven businesses

A career in UX design has risen to prominence since it is helpful to businesses. In fact, according to a 2014 research, design-led firms have retained a strong stock market edge over the previous ten years, exceeding the S&P by an incredible 228%.

A field for modification and creativity

With each new technological advancement, fresh concepts and opportunities for innovation emerge. UX designers have a wide range of specializations to choose from in the industry, which allows them to explore and create.

Professionals are highly paid in a career in UX design

As the necessity for user experience grew over time, industrial firms' demand for skilled and excellent UX designers surged. A career in design job sector is ranked 6th on Glassdoor's list of the 25 highest-paying entry-level jobs in 2019, demonstrating its accelerating prominence.

Firms like TCS, Infosys, and Cognizant give a salary of up to 7 lakh per year, while at SAP Labs, it may reach as high as 12 lakh per year and higher. UX Designers' pay is heavily influenced by their knowledge base as well as the cities in which they work. According to this, the average annual salary for a career in UX design in India is 8.74 lakhs.

A Career in UX Design with MIT ID Innovation

At MIT ID Innovation, students learn more than the syllabus. With group projects and actual case studies, students pursuing a career in UX design here are bound to come out with flying colours. Earn a verified digital certificate on completing the course that improves your CV performance! 

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