Open Innovation Examples – What can we learn from them?




November 25, 2021

Both large and small companies in the present times agree that creativity and innovation are indispensable to maintain business progress and increase market competitiveness. Nevertheless, the conventional closed innovation model encountered obstacles and lacked new idea creation amongst the in-house business team.

It was why the concept of open innovation came into existence. Open innovation examples strive to enhance the business capability to innovate brand-new ideas for products and solutions through the external ideas given by customers and partners to accomplish market success.

Also, the ideas accumulated and assessed during the analysis stage can assist the teams in overcoming the innovation uncertainty, expenses, time and commitment as the ideas come right from the external contributors.

Open Innovation Examples

Below is a list of brands best rated for open innovation implementation.


Coca-Cola has been one of the leading businesses in the realm of innovation right from the time Raymond Loewy devised the Coca-Cola fountain dispenser in 1960. Presently, the corporation embraces open innovation principles between the company and other administrators on different levels.

Also, the famous Coca-Cola Accelerator program aims to help start-ups in eight cities across the globe, including Buenos Aires, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Berlin, San Francisco, Istanbul, and Bangalore. These start-ups strive to think in innovative ways to create the happiness "Coca-Cola" brand.


During the 1990s, LEGO endured difficult times because of drastic reductions in sales and consequent earnings. After this period, strategic determinations and innovations led the company to a more innovative path than before.

The unique LEGO strategy strived to concentrate on the customer by combining industry and creativity. This strategy was popularly known as LEGO's "Shared Vision Strategy".

Also, to innovate new business models that can succeed in the market, LEGO commenced LEGO Ideas, an initiative based on an open innovation model. Additionally, customers can create their LEGO sets with an open innovation model by employing LEGO blocks or network 3D applications.


Samsung is another example of companies that embrace open innovation to create their external innovation forces through the Samsung Accelerator program. This drive strives to build cooperation between innovators, designers, and intellectuals to implement diverse solutions.

Also, this program presents statistical capital, office spaces, and product assistance to administrators to help them create software and related services. The Samsung Accelerator program is available in Palo Alto, New York, and San Francisco.


Facebook adopts an impressive internal open innovation model. At Facebook, the team conducts hackathons for their employees. The purpose of these hackathons is that the employees develop innovative approaches and discoveries and create initial versions of them. These hackathons are not solely for developers but every employee within the company.

The aim is that employees work with something they do not handle every day. In addition, it's shown that performing things outside your everyday work and enjoying creating a difference within the organisation fosters out-of-the-box thinking. Of course, one cannot underestimate the impact of diversity in these Facebook hackathons either.

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