Post Graduate Career Options in Design – Masters in Design, MBA in Design Management, MSc in Design Thinking




June 1, 2021

Career options nowadays are not just limited to the conventional professions like being an engineer, doctor or lawyer. With technological advancements, the modern world is moving fast, and people are now exploring some out of the box career options like Masters in Design. 

An MSC in Design Thinking is something that many young individuals are fancying in the current times. One of the fascinating features of studying and getting an MBA in Design Management Degree can provide students with an extensive assortment of job opportunities to pursue right after earning a degree. 


Reasons why you should get a Master's Degree in Design

A career in design allows students to focus on their interest in designing with no limit to ideas and thoughts. Earlier, there were not many institutes offering design courses other than the limited course options offered by the government institutes. However, with the advent of time and students' interest in design fields, numerous institutes are now offering design courses. 

The modern generation looks at it as a cool career alternative, and it might not be wrong to state that it has caught the attention of scholars like that of engineering in the last decade. This is why many private educational institutes have started numerous design courses like Masters in Design, MSc in Design Thinking and numerous more.

A degree in design can assist you in expanding your career opportunities to include various choices of artistic careers. It can further assist you to obtain management jobs in influential creative industries like industrial design firms, film making and advertising agencies. Hence opting for a career in design or other related fields can unlock gateways for endless possibilities.


Is obtaining an MBA in Design Management worth it?

In the highly competitive world where new career options emerge every day, you can assure that opting for a Masters in Design is extremely secure. This field is always in demand, and you can learn something new every day in this realm, which is why people get higher job satisfaction. 

Moreover, this field demands basic knowledge in reasoning and creative ideas, and if you are passionate enough about your designing career, you will enjoy taking on unique challenges. If you have recently obtained an MBA in Design Management degree, you will most likely get a job where you will be required to operate with a team of professionals and coordinate with copywriters, advertisers, internal management and clients under your work profile. 

Hence, it can be asserted that it is an inspiring and exciting career choice where you will seize a chance to develop innovative styles and produce ideas that engage the masses. Drawing and appealing work is always the main aim of designers for every brand, whether on an offline or online platform. Hence, you can leave all your worries behind employment opportunities and start building your career in the design field. 


Promising career options with an MBA in Design Management, 2021

Many young professionals who have recently completed their post-graduation in design often get confused about what actions to take next or which design profession to opt for. Hence, to assist in getting over such perplexity, mentioned below are some of the most promising career fields in design that you can choose in the present times.  


  • Career as a Graphic Designer

Making a career in graphic designing is one of the most promising career options in the present times. Graphic designers produce graphics and designs for company logos, product illustrations, websites and countless more. This job profile can incorporate an enormous assortment of services in a wide array of businesses. 


  • Career as a Creative Design Director

Creative design directors can ascertain the artistic concept of a business project. They further ensure that the complete artistic and cohesive appearance remains on track by driving their team through the actions to build something, whether that is a physical product like a film, video game, journal or something more complex like a brand identity or advertisement campaign. 

The job profile includes management skills, administration and often time management and budgeting capabilities along with creative imagination.


  • Career as a UI/UX Designer

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are growing as one of the most distinguished career fields in the present times. UI/UX designers attempt to create processes, products, and services that are seamless, delightful and automated for their users. 

This career requires lots of out-of-the-box creativity, creative presentiment and a true love for smooth design. They must further speculate about how the designed product would feel and work when the customers use it.


Choose the right Institute to boost your career in Design

Choosing the right educational institute plays a pivotal role in shaping and boosting your career in design. Given the increased competition in the designing field from the past few years, it has become more than ever important to pick the right institute that can provide you with better learning methodologies and excellent industry exposure. If you are looking for an educational institution to pursue courses in design thinking postgraduate degree in design, you must undoubtedly choose the education industry leader - MIT ID Innovation. 

MIT ID Innovation is a leading design institute that offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in design like MSc in Design Thinking, Masters in Design, in numerous more. This is one of the most premier design institutes in the country that holds state-of-the-art teaching methodologies and higher placement rates and experienced mentors who can guide students at every step of their budding career. 

A career in design is one of the most sought-after professions that a cluster of people with artistic attributes and abilities take on in the present times. If you believe that you hold the potential and creativity required in the design field, you must opt for a career in this field. With dedication, guidance and appropriate guidance, it is easy to succeed. Hence, you must always focus on picking the right educational institute to shape your design career accurately.

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