Quantum computing- Potential to revolutionize our lives




November 22, 2020

Struggling with the burden of workloads and a heartfelt craving for faster computers, how we wish 2021 brings us closer to the reality of Quantum computing with just a charm. While mankind loves to create many problems for itself everyday, here’s a technology innovation that is made to solve even the ones that haven’t come up yet.

While a traditional computer interacts with long strings of ‘bits’ which encode into a zero or a one, quantum computing uses ‘qubits’. Qubits encode the zero and the one into two distinguishable quantum states that allows them to work on multiple variables. 

Well, the word even has it that Quantum computers are a billion years faster than their traditional counterparts and can solve impossible problems.

Quantum Computing, the next superhero unleashes five superpowers.

Same Same But Different 

Classic computers and quantum computers are not all the same and not all that different.

Quantum computers are not just made to speed up classic computing but are curated to solve problems of a different league.

Enchanted Encryption 

Unlike magic spells, quantum computers create encryption that is unbreakable. From

changing the game of data security to cracking multiple encryption techniques, Quantum

computers are all set to introduce hack-proof replacements to the world.


Through quantum tunnelling, quantum computers are programmed to reduce power consumption while keeping efficiency high. Quantum computing saves electricity from anywhere between 100 to 1000 times.

Tunnel of Teleportation

With quantum tunnelling, particles or qubits can travel back and forth in time while teleporting between positions. This state enables the fast working of different variables.

Stellar Superposition

A Quantum state that allows existence of multiple articles in multiple states at the same time is called a Superposition. In Quantum computing’s parallel universe, qubits can exist and be observed in two different states, simultaneously. This superpower empowers quantum computers to examine numerous variables at the same time and act efficiently on all of them.

While quantum computing can be a blessing when it comes true, here’s a peak into what potential it holds to revolutionise our lives. 

  • With an intervention of cosmology with quantum computing, we can find out a lot more about our universe; it’s age and the life it’s left with. 

  • By calculating the dipole moment in Lithium-Sulphur on a quantum computer, next generation batteries can be brought to life. 

  • Life changing drug development can be owed to quantum computing as it allows evaluation of interaction between molecules, proteins and chemicals. 

  • Traffic Management is one area that can change our everyday living with quantum computing using quick route optimisation and efficient scheduling.

In a fantasy world of Quantum computing, all the unicorns of innovation win the derby everyday. While the world awaits Quantum reality, innovation watches it’s next revolution from the center stage.

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