Social Innovation for Sustainable Living




July 14, 2021

Human beings are adaptive species. When our ancestors came on earth millions of years ago, the place was already inhabited by other species and kinds of organisms. However, as we began evolving and began using social innovation, we got the edge over others around us. The comfortable life we are living today is an outcome of thousands of prior generations' hard work and efforts. Thus, the responsibility to construct a sustainable environment for our future generations falls on our shoulders.

Now, what is social innovation? - It consists of various methods to fulfill the arising needs of a developing society. The concept is universally applicable and has multiple definitions. As a field, it is interdisciplinary, involving a wide range of topics. 

Evolution of Social Innovation for Sustainable Living

Social innovation is not the latest trend. Humans have been practicing this since the dawn of time. Millions of years ago, ape-like humans first discovered the use of fire and stones. The discovery increased their chances of survival by multiple folds. With that started an age of revolution, where humans become more equipped against threats like wild animals.

The bedrock of the huge civilizations was innovation and the urge to improve the quality of life. Archaeologists have found proof to confirm such facts. For example, humans understood the need to cover their bodies. Hence they began making clothes out of leaves, animal fur, etc. So, the presence of innovation has always been there.

However, with time, lots of factors changed. In the process of creating comforts for the human race, the environment around us is getting damaged in various ways. Several toxic by-products are released along with industrial processes. For example, plastics do not degrade rapidly, hence cause immense damage to their surroundings. Climate change is a serious issue that threatens the stability of our future. Thus, the evolution of innovation can be considered a double-edged sword. 

Social Innovation for Goals of Sustainable Living Future

In 2015, the United Nations announced 17 sustainable goals to be completed for making the world a better place to live. Some of the goals were eradicating hunger and poverty, good health and education, clean water and air, gender equality, etc. However, to achieve these goals, lots of steps and efforts need to be taken. 

  • Monetary Help - If you are financially sound, helping monetarily is a fantastic option. Due to the setting up of Global Impact, one can directly donate to the desired cause. 
  • Spreading Awareness - The target can be realized only through a cumulative effort by every citizen of the globe. Maximum participation and contribution will be possible if the knowledge is shared everywhere. Holding seminars, distributing pamphlets, etc. are some viable methods of educating the people around you
  • Be the Change - Before preaching, start practicing yourself. One can follow a few simple steps in their daily life. For example, avoid using plastic, do not waste food, etc. Remember, Rome was not built in one day. 

Role of MIT ID Innovation in developing Social Innovation 

The real purpose of innovation is unknown to a lot of people. It's not being selfish but thinking of the earth as a whole, including other organisms and the environment. The special courses at MIT ID Innovation are designed holistically for guiding inquisitive minds to lead a path of success. The courses give unique opportunities, including learning from industry giants and getting hands-on training. With a view of the ongoing pandemic, many flagship programs are being taught in the online mode. 

If you are interested in embarking on a journey of becoming a world innovator and leader, visit Best Courses in Innovation and Design Thinking - MIT ID Pune, India, for the latest information. 

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