Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation




May 23, 2022

What will help your business stand out in this economy? The solution to this question is strategic entrepreneurship and innovation. There has been an increase in competing enterprises because of globalization and a continuously evolving market. The knowledge and methods for effectively managing strategic entrepreneurship and innovation, along with building dynamic teams and organizations worldwide, will help your business grow exponentially.


About Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation

To understand how strategic entrepreneurship and innovation benefit your professional growth, we must understand their importance separately.

Firstly, strategic entrepreneurship allows you to participate in simultaneous opportunities while exploring strategic actions that set your business apart, to build and execute entrepreneurial wealth-creation methods. Strategic entrepreneurship fosters innovation, competition, employment opportunities, and economic growth.

Secondly, innovation allows you to add quality to your business to increase profitability. It enables you to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage over the competitors. Your business can adapt, evolve, and thrive in this competitive environment by integrating innovation into your strategy.

Types of Strategic Entrepreneurship


● Strategic Renewal

Strategic renewal refers to changing competitive strategies and practices that redefine its networks with its competitors.


● Sustained Regeneration

Sustained regeneration refers to an economic venture in which an organization launches innovative goods and services or enters market opportunities regularly.


● Field Redefinition

Field redefinition refers to an entrepreneurial strategy in which a company creates a new device sector that no one else has identified or explored.


● Organizational Reconstruction

Organizational reconstruction refers to an innovative culture in which a company aims to strengthen or maintain its global competitiveness by altering current internal processes, resources, or structures.


● Business-Model Rebuilding

Business-model rebuilding refers to an innovation mindset in which a company recalculates its business model to increase operational efficiencies.


Types of Innovation


● Incremental Innovation

Incremental innovation; is a low-risk technique that focuses on upgrading existing services to match current customer demands. This type of innovation refers to making small, consistent improvements to your company's management, services, branding, and products.


● Sustaining Innovation

Sustaining innovation helps businesses generate cheaper products by identifying ways to cut the cost of production and create a more efficient production method. It focuses on building a supply chain network and providing consumer pleasure within the present market.


● Architectural Innovation

Architectural innovation is the process that applies methodology, technology, or concepts from one field to another. This is the basic approach behind 40% of registered patents since the 1850s, often known as recombination innovation. And, as the rate of development slows, this trend will certainly continue.


● Rapid Innovation

Rapid innovation focuses on rapidity as being the most significant innovation element to react to a quick shift in market dynamics or customer needs. It refers to the time limit a business takes to overcome pandemics and other economic issues and innovate according to market demands.


● Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation introduces a new marketing strategy, idea, product, or service that creates a different consumer market. Sometimes, disruption is by a new company that ultimately replaces established industry leaders and product lines. This strategy emphasizes addressing consumer wants that no other business has provided. This method creates a fundamental shift in consumer interaction and forms a new market.


Entrepreneurship through Innovation

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