Systems Innovation: Definition, Examples and Benefits




December 10, 2021

Systems Innovation is the restructuring of social, economic, and technological systems. The term has been floating around for a while vaguely but is gaining more prominence. It is not just about a specific aspect or end product but the whole system which needs to be improved or replaced. New ideas and innovative methods of accomplishing new tasks and challenges are most important.

The way people learn also shapes the way people think in many aspects of their life. The old order and system of functioning, visible in the current financial, health, government institutions, goods and services industry need to change. Mere few changes or a certain percentage of improvement won't mean much in the long run. If required, the entire organizational structure needs to be brought down or replaced with a better one.

This course gives a new perspective and approach to problem-solving. Some of the organizational structure aspects need to change with out-of-the-box thinking and innovative products. With the help of today's technology, new organizational methods have immense potential and endless possibilities. Our courses are designed to enable new thinking and fresh ideas.

Drawing a new model and finding ways to execute it is a part of the courses in innovation.

Examples of Systems Innovation

  • The students could make use of this approach with excitement and develop their problem-solving skills. Society at large could avail a number of benefits by bringing the culture of innovation. For example, some measures are being implemented in transport systems and to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Asphalt surfaces could be replaced with recycled tyre rubber
  • Street signs could illuminate at night which are solar-powered during the day
  • Lanes become visible with reflective tabs
  • Speed breakers or speed bumps could be oversized to act as school crosswalks helping children cross the street safely.
  • Carpooling benefits could be availed with commuter lanes
  • Drivers could receive a warning through the vibration of road grooves and stay in lane

Benefits of System Innovation

We are already working on technologies that eliminate our errors while writing or help automate office functions at work. Like this, we could come up with more innovative ways to help the environment like:

  • Cleaning of rivers and nurturing vegetation
  • Find ways to grow more crops in a limited space
  • Have more solar-powered and electric vehicles causing less pollution. Similarly, customers and citizens could reach out to the respective government bodies and companies more effectively
  • It becomes easier to raise a complaint or ask query to the proper department
  • No need to wait in long queues
  • Tracking files and pending tasks become easier
  • Companies could receive payments or issue a refund quickly
  • Flexibility options at work help employees to work from anywhere
  • Logistics and supplies become easily available to the supplier and consumer

The course is designed to enable innovative thinking among young students and working professionals. Our work consists of empowering them and providing them with the right tools to start this journey of systems innovation.

The future would require us to adapt to many changes in our daily lives. Things are still changing, and it is clear from the way we pick our groceries or ride our car to the way we conduct business and experience visual or audio entertainment. The entire social and technological systems, the way countries are governed, water and energy systems and waste management would be restructured in due time. There will be innovation in the field of medicine and biological research where billions are being invested. The focus will shift towards building a smart city that has a better economic system to make it sustainable for future generations to come.

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