Top Most Immersive Social Innovation Examples




October 28, 2021

Social innovations refer to new ideas and practices that focus on creative and practical solutions to meet current social needs. Its aims are towards the welfare and well-being of individuals and communities in the long run. Social innovation ranges across different fields, from education to healthcare. These social innovations generally have an underlying social purpose, like activism or online volunteering to tackle a particular issue. So, let’s take a look at some of the most immersive social innovation examples in India.

5 Most Immersive Social Innovation Examples

As per World Bank, around 21% of the infectious diseases in India are spread via contaminated water and poor hygiene practices. That’s why has emerged as an innovative approach towards improving water and sanitation in India since 2005.

Through WaterCredit, they have successfully provided more than 10 million people access to safe drinking water and sanitation across twelve states. To achieve their goals, has close collaborations with different types of organizations such as microfinance institutions, self-help groups, housing finance corporations, commercial banks, and the Government of India. 

Under The Mango Tree

Do you know that a whopping 84% of Indian farmers own less than 2 hectares of land? On top of that, the lack of market access and employment opportunities force them to practice outdated farming methods like rain-fed, subsistence agriculture resulting in marginal income.

It is a social innovation example promoting Apiculture to increase agricultural productivity and market access to broaden the small farmers’ income source. Through its for-profit, UTMT Pvt. Ltd., it sources authentic organic honey from farmer cooperatives before packaging and sale.


ADITYA is India’s first solar-powered ferry, built by NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats. It uses solar energy as an innovative approach towards sustainability and has become India’s first commercially viable mode of transport powered by solar energy in India.

Currently, Kerala State Water Transport Department runs the ferry, has a seating capacity of 75 passengers, and can cruise for more than 6 hours on a bright sunny day. Built under the IRS (Indian Register of Shipping) class, the ferry upholds the highest safety and reliability standards.

Project Listen Up

It’s heartbreaking to see that over 27,000 children are born deaf each year in India. Unfortunately, the lack of resources and expensive screening procedures result in cases of hearing impairment in newborns that remain undiagnosed.

“Project Listen Up” by the Sohum Innovation Labs India Pvt Ltd is all geared up to tackle the lack of diagnosis. This social innovation example uses brainstem auditory evoked response and develops low-cost hardware-cum-software solutions for screening newborns with hearing impairments.

Sakha Consulting Wings

We all have to face the harsh truth that India is not safe for women. However, with many women-centric organizations emerging, Sakha Consulting Wings emerge as a marvellous social innovation example that pushes women empowerment to the next level. It is a social enterprise that provides women with safe and professional cab and chauffeur services in four Indian cities - New Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Indore.

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