Top Most System Innovation Examples




February 21, 2022

To run a successful business, one should have something different and better to offer. This calls for the application of innovation in your industry. Business leaders need to adopt innovative ideas to ensure long-term sustainability in the existing business environment. The various system innovation examples help us learn more about the importance of modernization in today’s business world.


System Innovation Examples


Zip Drones

In areas with accessibility, drones serve to supply medical amenities to patients. The Zipline drone delivery system is an excellent example of innovation that can ensure an easy and quick supply of drugs, medicines, vaccines, and even blood in regions that require immediate medical help.

Safety Checks for Water

An initiative started by mWater, a non-profit tech start-up organization, helps locate water in scarce areas. The use of such a mobile application allows dwellers or travelers to find sources of water around them. The primary purpose of designing such an application is for field use. Also, you can use this application both in online and offline mode.

Hearing Aids with Solar Batteries

Solar Ear took the initiative to distribute durable, cheap, and rechargeable hearing aids that are run on solar power to less fortunate individuals.

Food Quality Detector

This is an initiative by ImpactVision to resolve the problem of food fraud. It is a type of software that also reduces issues associated with food wastage. The use of spectroscopy allows one to check food quality with the help of pictures and images. Also, one can determine the extent of freshness and nutritional content of the food with the help of sensors.

Storage for Harvest Bags

An excellent solution to save the loss of farm produce due to improper storage is that this innovative idea prevents farmers from losing their hard-earned produce to insects and pests. A plastic bag with three layers and one that is user-friendly can stock up grains. 

PICS (Purdue Improved Crop Storage) bags took up an initiative to help African farmers improve their livelihood by preventing the destruction of their overall production.

Danger Alert

If you are stuck in a difficult or dangerous situation and wish to inform your near and dear ones, Kitestring technology helps you inform them about your whereabouts. Such a device can help one tell their friends or relatives about their distressful situation and accordingly take relevant action to prevent further loss.

Be My Eyes

This is a social network of iPhone, which helps the visually impaired connect with those who can see. The innovation here is that a blind person would send a message when they need help to find details that require one’s eyes. This initiative allows the sighted an opportunity to help the visually impaired.



The study of innovation is critical because it helps a firm fulfill the new and existing demands of the business. Existing businesses can also help solve society's complex issues by utilizing innovative ideas and projects. MIT ID Innovation is the right place for business leaders and future entrepreneurs who wish to offer new and creative ideas to society. At our institute, we offer courses in innovation and help individuals develop their skill sets.

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