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October 27, 2021

Social Innovation is becoming increasingly defined as the practice of individuals rising above the justified rules of society to do beneficial things for the masses. Students are seeking courses in social innovation and wish to know the type of social innovation in the present times because they wish to make a change and impact this world in ways no one has ever seen before.

Before enrolling into innovation courses, let us know what social innovation actually is!

What is Social Innovation?

Social Innovation means creating ideas for change and solving a problem through several mediums.

  • It is the process of using creativity to look for solutions that will improve the general well-being of people.
  • It uses different perspectives of the impacted and those who wish to make an impact to come up with creative and brilliant solutions.
  • It is a method of introducing a change in the world.
  • It promotes collaboration, active action and creative thoughts for the general beneficence of the people.
  • It helps in solving small-scale as well as large-scale problems.

Various Types of Social Innovation

There are numerous types of social innovation in the world. From socio-political to socio-cultural, different types of social innovation impact different sets of people. Here are a few types of social innovation that you need to be aware of.

  • Socio-technical innovation: It refers to a process of change in the structure of the socio-technical system and the relationship among the members of the system.
  • Socio-cultural dimension of innovation: The role of culture in determining the innovation capacity (crucial for economic development) of a society refers to socio-cultural innovation.
  • Socio-analytical innovation:  This refers to innovation that involves analytical and sense-making frameworks.
  • Socio-ecological innovation: Innovation of human environment interaction. An example is citizen science.
  • Socio-political innovation: Innovation of governance, politics, law etc., like adding more citizens through a referendum.
  • Socio-ideological innovation: Innovation of ideological frameworks, mindsets, paradigms, etc. An example is the reformation movement.
  • Socio-juridical innovation: This involves innovation of legal frameworks and laws, etc. For example, the introduction of the citizen jury.
  • Socio-ethical innovation: This involves innovation of normative/ethical frameworks. An example is corporate social responsibility.
  • Socio-economic innovation: This involves the innovation of economic models, business models, etc. An example for this can be value chains.
  • Socio-organisational innovation: This involves innovation of organisational arrangements, etc.

Social Innovation is not just limited to a specific field but consists of different spheres of human interaction that play a vital role in our lives. For making an impact, you need to choose a certain type of social innovation to make a mark.

Benefits of Courses on Social Innovation

You can learn many different perspectives creatively in an immersive experience along with peers. The benefits of courses on social innovation are numerous-ranging from enhanced productivity to cutting down on financial costs. One can also learn things by closely collaborating with industry-experts and top innovators, and can have a great hands-on experience through practical projects and practical work.

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