What Are The Innovation Tools For Learning?




November 25, 2021

Education has indeed seen a whole new wave of development and digitalization in the past few years. The quality of the educational and knowledge industry is booming as always. Innovation has played a major role in transforming education and the economy. Curiosity and uniqueness drive us towards investing in innovation courses. It induces an urge to expose our students to contemporary innovation tools for learning.

According to a study, 64% of global executives found the lack of skills restricting innovation. It shows that skill-building and inculcation of innovative learning are essential for a successful venture ahead. Innovative learning ignites the urge for experimentation in both teachers and students. It helps us think in and out of the box, utilizing the best potential of our brains and creativity!

Innovation Tools to Magnify Your Thinking Process

Learning goes hand in hand with your perceptions and thought processes. One learns something better when the concept is easy to comprehend and extends their thinking process simultaneously. Here are some tools that help you learn or teach better:

Audio and Visual Tools

Targeting a person's senses is always a smart idea. Audio and visual tools like recorded videos, modules, infographics, mapping, etc., are great ways to engage an audience completely. Moreover, visuals tend to stick in long term memory, making learning easy and impactful.

Field Trips

Nature is one of the best teachers. Associating things and learning with real-world examples or situations could be an excellent way to imbibe a new concept. If certain subjects include places, you can visit them to learn about them in-depth.

Creative Workshops & Live Sessions

There is no better innovation tool than workshops. With face to face learning and exposure to new people and hands-on experiences, one can learn a lot about novice subjects and even things beyond them. They help a person interact with different people and get inspired by them, cultivating new and innovative ideas in oneself.

Play & Learn

Who doesn't love combining games with learning? This is what innovation is all about. Several digital games have been launched that are educational and help you learn while having fun. Additionally, you can form groups and play games where every member learns something new.

EdTech Tools

EdTech tools have become popular amongst students, teachers, and other educational circles. The educational fraternity has gotten comfortable with digital learning, especially in the past two years of online classes. EdTech tools like Kahoot, TedEd, etc., are great for visual learning. With these tools, you can learn through quizzes, discussions, and multimedia learning elements.

Project Work

Though projects have been a part of the learning journey for quite a long time, it is one of the most effective innovation tools for learning. Project work stirs up one's mind, knowledge, and soft skills all at once. It is the perfect opportunity to try a hand at something new and learn in the process.

MIT ID Innovation - Blending Creative & Practical Learning

You can learn and innovate at one go at MIT ID Innovation. We are an educational organization that offers innovative programmes in design, business, humanities, and social sciences. We pair up with experts of different industries to curate courses that instil a new sense of innovation and perspective in you. We offer online and on-campus courses powered by brand-new innovation tools and exciting teaching methods. Enrol in a creative certificate course at MIT ID Innovation and get a chance to contribute to the world with your profound ideas!

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