What are the Key Elements of Innovation Management?




February 27, 2021

Today innovation is becoming a part of most searched topics around the world. Talking about innovation management, then innovation is also becoming an important part of business growth. Looking at the Accenture 2015 US Innovation's survey, it was observed that 84% of executives are dependent on innovation for their business's growth. Many companies around the world have started adopting innovation in their business because:

  • It enhances the company's growth.
  • It keeps Organizations Relevant.
  • It reflects the organization's uniqueness.

In business, Innovation management is basically defined as the procedure of designing and introducing a new concept to develop the business. The simplest way to understand this term can be possible by focusing on its key elements, and they are:


  • Collaboration: Collaboration is an essential term, and it holds maximum weightage in Innovation Management. Collaboration involves a group activity that leads to community development. In this competitive world, it is important to come up with various solutions for a problem to solve problem in an efficient manner. 


  • Ideation: Coming up with unique and fresh ideas is a highly important feature of innovation management because it helps an organization to stand apart from ordinary companies.


  • Implementation:¬†In an¬†Organization, intelligent people must be present who can implement the ideas to make the company's progress move forward. Implementation is an important part of thinking innovation which mostly helps in the emergency times for an organization to make the right decision at that time.


  • Value Creation: If the organization's products are not receiving the value they deserve, then innovation is highly missing in that company. To bring value to the services, it is highly important for an organization to propose innovation and new ideas to add values to their creations.


Successful innovation seems a difficult task in the business field, but in simple words, for an organization, successful innovation management can be defined in terms of how effective that product is, how much beneficial it is for the world and many more. Here are the best ways suggesting how to begin innovation management at a workplace:

  • Involve Everyone at discussion time: To introduce an organization with innovation management, it is highly important to make everyone part of the discussion. Involving every person will promote diverse ideas.
  • Run Idea Campaigns: Running idea campaigns are highly important, it helps in improving employees' productivity, and it also improves the innovation approach to guide the business towards success. 
  • Transparency: To keep everything transparent regarding the organization is an essential key to create an art of innovation.
  • Rewards and Recognitions: Rewarding employees draw an encouraging image inside the employees' mind. The rewards and recognition system helps produce a positive environment that automatically encourages employees to drive towards an innovative direction to make business rise.


Innovation is changing the world exponentially towards the graph of success. With the increase of innovation, productivity, as well as economy both, are increasing proportionally. Innovation is an art that can be learned and gained only if one has a good vision for the business environment.

The right institution can help you by mentoring you in the right direction so as to make you understand the dynamic business environment. Among some top premium institutes are MIT ID Innovation, with a proven track record of excellence. If you also want to become tomorrow's leader, then MIT ID Innovation is the right place to impart thinking innovation skills.

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