What Is An User Experience?




July 14, 2021

Think of a website or app that you love. What do you like the most? Is the ease of gathering information relevant? Or Is it the way how quickly it answers your questions?

The person who was designing that particular website or app was trying to create a site that highlights all the features you love, is easy to use, effectively delivers the information you need, and allows you to make intelligent decisions based on your challenges or concerns. So how was all this possible? It is all possible because of User Experience or UX. Therefore, let's learn more about it in depth.

What is a User Experience?

User Experience or UX focuses on the broad experience of the end-user, including their perceptions, emotions, and responses to a company's product, system, or service. It is defined by criteria including ease of use, accessibility, and convenience.

It's no secret that today's customers want quick and simple ways to satisfy their needs and solve their pain points. For example, 53% of the time, mobile users will leave a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is why UX has become so important.

Difference between User Experience and User Interface

We see something ubiquitous in the market: the misuse of UX and UI terms, two small letters and terms that look like the same thing but are not. In general terms, UI (user interface) is inside and is a part of the UX (user experience). To fully understand the difference between UI and UX, we must pay attention to the following points:  

UI exists only with a visual interface, and UX is a broader concept.

 The user interface, as its name suggests, is the visual materialization of a website or application. Therefore, we can say that without a screen, the UI does not exist. However, the user experience goes far beyond the screen and has to do with more intangible aspects. 

The UI guides the user, and the UX makes the navigation worthwhile. 

Although a good UI makes navigation easy, intuitive, and pleasant, a website will never satisfy its visitors if it does not offer them the information they expect appealingly. 

The UI has to do with reason, and the UX refers to emotion. 

While UI has to do with the practical aspect of the interface and its interaction with the user, UX refers to the user's feelings about the service offered. 

Why is User Experience essential for a website?

A successful user experience contributes to the profitability of a website in several ways:

  • The search engines rank higher to sites that offer the optimized user experience, giving more relevance and visibility to your brand.
  • Good UX design improves conversion rates. Optimizing the site so that it is easy for the user to understand the content and what it is expected to do (call to actions) on each page of the site increases conversions.
  • If your company uses the internet to offer its products and services, having a suitable UX is essential to increase sales. Someone who comes to your site and doesn't quite understand how to find what they need will probably close your page and look elsewhere for a solution.

How to become a User Experience Designer?

The first key for becoming a successful User Experience Designer is to have the right path and guidance. We at MIT ID Innovation aim to provide the best teachings to make successful User Experience Designers. MIT ID Innovation offers the best UX design certification Course. Year by year, we are pioneering in this field as we provide in-depth knowledge with fundamentals to understand UX in a better way. Therefore, if you want to make a career in UX Designing, then probably MIT ID Innovation is your destiny! 

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