What is Business Analytics?




July 14, 2021

Gone are the days when product design and advertising helped make competition in the business sector. Data now plays a critical role in business. The amalgamation of business intelligence (BI) and data analytics has given rise to the fast-paced process of business analytics. It is a group of automated data procuring tools and services. It consists of applied and predictive analytics, statistics, data mining, and so on.

Business analytics helps you further understand your business and make more calculated decisions for the betterment of your business. Harvard Business School’s Professor Hammond says, “data analytics is a very effective way to influence an organization.”

There are three elementary types of business analyses.


  • Descriptive: Using historical data to help identify patterns and trends
  • Predictive: Statistics can be used to predict future results
  • Prescriptive: Using trial and error method to determine which method gives a better outcome

To understand how Business Analytics could benefit you and your business, here are a few reasons why this process of information procurement is essential.

Why is Business Analytics important?

  • More efficient decisions

With increasing data volume, inspecting user trends and business data to make strategic decisions may become harder. With business analytics, customers have a better experience as well.

  • More efficient functioning

With more decisions, you can adjust your business activity as well. In a KPMG report from 2019, business planners will use business analytics to improve global efficacy in the planning process.

  • Greater revenue and cost cuts

With an increase in business analytic usage, there are significant financial returns as well. According to IBM, companies using business and planning analytics have saved more than USD 1 million in clarifying their budget process.

According to a report by Harvard Business Review, 36% of respondents consider business analytic a top priority, and 69% have achieved an analytics-driven work ethic. Before you get started on your business analytic venture, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to get started with Business Analytics?

  • Leadership establishment

Decision-makers and the higher-ups in the company need to establish their superiority to come to beneficial agreements. The leaders must be appropriately educated and invested in using business analytic to boost their company’s credibility and functionality.

  • Data publicization

Providing the employees with the opportunity to add to brainstorming sessions is today’s way of working. The idea of analytics being executives-only is outdated, and there can only be a successful career in Business Analytics if the entire company is involved.

Educating yourself about the world of business analytic is also one of the primary steps to kickstart your company. While it may seem troublesome at first, it is essential to expand your abilities regarding the field. This is where MIT ID Innovation comes into play. The MIT Institute of Design initially worked to connect with the industry better. To inculcate teamwork and collaborative efforts, the Innovation program was birthed.

How MIT ID Innovation helps you in starting with business analytics

The best way to boost your career in innovative business-related fields is to find an institute that works for your benefit. At MIT ID Innovation, we strive for an ecosystemic grouping of work much more than different products and technology.

Among the various courses we offer, BA with Power BI is a valuable course for aspiring business analysts and companies that expand their business. Business Intelligence (BI) provides a list of artificially intelligent capabilities and how they help dissect texts, images and interact with related data by asking questions and detecting patterns.

The course we provide comes with various concepts like calculated measures, BI basics, data-based projects, and more. If you’re looking to hone your business-related analytical skills, contact us at MIT ID Innovation for more information regarding course details.

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