What is Design Driven Innovation and its Real Life Examples?




November 24, 2021

When we speak about innovation, many people think about advancements in technology as the modern world is all about radical innovation driven by it. While there is no denying that radical innovation has a lasting impression, design-driven innovation has now become equally crucial where the focus remains on driving new ideas and not new technology.

Also, many people find design-driven innovation intriguing because it is based on the perception that the worth of a product or service is not defined by its technological sophistication but assessed by an individual's experience. The question here is - is it a worthy addition to their lives?

Understanding Design-driven Innovation & its Real-world Examples

Modern years proved that design is growing significantly in startup and corporate environments. Budding administrators, design firms and business builders are now employing design thinking along with the human-centred and iterative process.

Also, empathy is crucial because it enables businesses to put aside their opinions about the world and get a practical insight into customers and their requirements. Apart from design thinking, design-driven innovation has also become pretty prominent for modern businesses.

Like design thinking, design-driven innovation begins with comprehensive client research, but unlike design thinking, customers are much less engaged in the initial levels of the process. The focus is on knowing why people attribute meaning to things. Considering that individuals are not just looking for practical and technological characteristics of products, it attempts to get people's underlying motives and provide meaning to things.

Hence it might not be wrong to say that design-driven innovation is a push strategy. The aim is to create a product that provides clients with a different meaning they have never noticed before. In other terms, an entirely new identity for a business product is built.

In design thinking, product innovations are made from business insights, whereas design-driven innovation strives to generate new markets by driving customers to build new habits and wants.

Apart from this, Nintendo is one of the real-world examples of design-driven innovation. Even though the Wii by Nintendo was technologically inferior to contenders like Xbox and Playstation, it gave a drastic transformation in essence by comparison.

It was a substantial activity to be executed not with the thumbs but with the entire body, using simple bodily movements common to games and dynamic games. The Wii by Nintendo transformed the definition of a gaming console from immersion in a practical world available only to niche specialists to an intense workout in the actual world for everyone.

The Design-Driven Innovation method remains divided into three distinct levels. In the initial Absorption & Listening level, designers collect information concerning how individuals provide sense to things. The second part uses the data accumulated in the initial step and combines it with the understanding to build a unique design. The ultimate step is to address the proposal and make it available more extensively. The aim is to create a variation in the socio-cultural model.

Pick the Best Institute to make a Career in Design Innovation

Given the rising competition for designing courses from the past few years, it has become more important than ever to choose the top institute that can equip you with better education methodologies and extensive industry exposure.

MIT ID Innovation is an exceptional online learning institute that presents you with various online innovation courses such as design thinking or a UI/UX Design Course to help you grow as successful innovators.

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