What is digital transformation? How does it help in business?




April 22, 2021

Digital Transformation is the process that shifts the usage of manual or non-digital processes to that of digital processes. It is in business refers to the more profound usage of digital processes rather than the conventional manual processes.

This digital business innovation and transformation process assumes an important role in the near future as the consumers would demand an improved version of the products with changing taste and preferences. 

Digital transformation technologies could be observed easily within the major brands and websites, making them achieve huge successes. The proficiency of chatbots on a website due to artificial technology is one of the best examples of digital transformation. Another example of digital transformation could be the trend of online payments that reduced the trend of travelling to the bank for every small work. 

It won't be wrong to say that digital business innovation and transformation is indeed an important aspect of a business. Therefore, we have mentioned the ways how digital transformation can help businesses - 


  • Enhanced customer experience

The sole secret of the success of a business lies in the satisfaction of customers. A company that is equipped with digital transformation technologies shows a better standard of customer experience than a company equipped with conventional technologies. 

With digital transformation strategies like communication, data and analytics, a strong and collaborative flow of information is generated, which helps in creating better products for the consumer. It also helps in earning the loyalty of customers.


  • Enhanced flexibility and efficiency

In a business, the inter-departmental flow of information is quite a common phenomenon. Owing to digital transformation, redundant tasks are reduced, operating costs are reduced, and time-consuming workflows are simplified. This helps in an exponential growth of a business and technological advancements in the company.


  • Future development

In a company that knows the value of digital transformation in its growth model, the opportunities provided for growth and improvement are immense. A digitally transformed company enjoys the presence of a wide customer base, smooth flow of information, automated workflows, which makes the growth and expansion of a company an easy task.


Workforce engagement is affected extremely by the digital transformation of a company. The quest for novel ways of enhancing productivity is never-ending. 

The role of employees and their efficiency is a matter of concern for a company. Thus, core business function, which uses the employees' manual power, could be performed through automated machines, which help employees focus on more serious tasks. Thus, ultimately increasing the efficiency of employees.


  • Fast and better decisions

With efficient use of big data in the data and analytics section of a company, a company could take quick decisions that may have serious implications and could not be taken by a person alone. 

With the Internet of Things and a correct set of analytics tools, conclusions could be drawn by looking at the long-term implications. The vast data helps in making an informed choice. 

According to Emarsys,2019, 45% of the total world population is active on social media. And approximately 62% of the companies are planning to invest in boosting innovation and technologies as per Accenture. Therefore, it can be said that digital transformation is indeed an integral part and important for business. The enhanced efficiency, speed and accuracy in business operations will help a business achieve endeavours they desire to. But digital innovation is a dynamic concept considering how technology is evolving every minute. 

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