What is Disruptive Digital Marketing and Its Strategy?




September 22, 2022

Utilizing unproven techniques that threaten the status quo is key to disruptive digital marketing. Instead of conforming to recognized marketing practices of the past, disruptive marketers test audacious, novel techniques that have never been employed before. Some achieve success, while others fail. This is OK because that is the nature of the creative process.


Methods for Implementation of Disruptive Digital Marketing

This kind of disruptive advertising is ineffective in all situations but valuable when used effectively. Consider the critical events in which your firm participates, whether planned or unplanned and determine if taking a stand against the norm can result in significant effects. Taking a stance on an issue can improve your company's reputation and make it simpler for consumers to connect with you. Regardless of your choice, ensure that it is not only intellectual but also ethical and caring. Several innovation courses in Pune focus on consumer-centric disruptive digital marketing strategies.


Why do consumers appreciate being pleasantly surprised by Disruptive Digital Marketing?

Because it modifies customers' perceptions of advertising, disruptive marketing attracts the great majority of consumers to businesses. If the execution is excellent enough, it may even enter the vernacular. When was the most recent time you called a taxi to pick you up? When was your most recent use of Uber's on-demand service? There are even more reasons mentioned below as to why customers positively respond to disruptive marketing methods.

  • It is Simple to Achieve

Typically, disruptive marketing will tell a story in a way that people can perceive. The image of a child with the statement "sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering from it" was featured in a commercial against child abuse that aired in Spain and went viral worldwide.

  • It Does Not Deplete Your Savings
  • For disruptive marketing to be effective, it is not essential to empty your bank account. Changing the way things are done, even minor, is sufficient for success. Air fresheners are an excellent example. You probably give little thought to the concept of purchasing them. You are about locating items with a pleasing aroma, correct?
  • Although often mimicked, it has never been duplicated

After the first shock has worn off, one of the primary reasons people (and businesses) respond positively to disruptive marketing is that it is difficult to replicate. This is particularly true once the first shock has subsided. There is only one Airbnb option available. One can of Red Bull alone. Just a single Apple. Companies who try to portray their company similarly to another will be passed over in favor of the company that originated the concept. When you have such a substantial advantage over the other players in the game, it makes sense to do everything possible to keep that advantage.

  • It Resonates with Common Touchpoints

Disruptive marketing is that loud and occasionally annoying friend who says exactly what we're all thinking. By offering razors at a monthly cost of one dollar, the Dollar Shave Club was essential in the rise of subscription marketing, which is now widespread. However, their success was not attributable to their prices; instead, it was because their founders had a common gripe. They were sick of pricey razors with sturdy packaging and numerous "technical features" such as spotlights, ionized organic coatings, and salad slicers incorporated into the handle. However, they still provided a harsh, choppy shave. They decided to establish a corporation to solve this issue.



In a marketing climate when customers are repeatedly exposed to the same or similar marketing methods and messages, disruptive marketing may be one of your best opportunities to reach customers and leave a lasting impression. Even though these instances of disruptive advertising are from important and well-known businesses, they may be applied to virtually any business. They can serve as the launchpads for your company's brand-new and previously untested disruptive marketing activities.

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