What is Innovation Crowdsourcing?




January 5, 2022

Every business, big or small, faces challenges in its tenure. The challenges demand innovation; however, human resources fail to provide a unique solution. The solution to dissolve these challenges is sometimes quite hard to find, with a dozen other problems circling. Thus, companies face a major creative block and lack of inspiration. In such a situation, companies use a method known as Innovation Crowdsourcing.

Innovation Crowdsourcing: An Overview

Innovation Crowdsourcing can be defined as a business practice that demands the company to engage its internal and external networks to generate ideas and innovative solutions to solve a problem within an end-to-end innovation process. This kind of crowdsourcing is often confused with outsourcing of innovation activities. However, it is just an outlet for connecting with various knowledge sources.

Other than solving a problem, innovation crowdsourcing helps in bringing something exceptionally innovative to the table. It leads to new collaborations of individuals and their thought processes. Companies do Crowdsourcing internally, amongst their employees, or a word is spread amongst people across the globe. Companies even partner with their competitors to develop an innovative idea that benefits them both.

Innovation has always been a tough nut to crack for companies worldwide. Thinking of “out of the box” ideas is easier said than done. According to a survey, 84% of CEOs believe that is one of the most effective strategies for business growth. Companies encourage their employees to take up innovation training and courses to instill innovation. By enrolling in innovation courses in Pune, you can easily enhance your value, intellect, and resourcefulness. In fact, crowdsourcing of innovation brings together different minds to form something valuable.  

How is Innovation Crowdsourcing Executed?

Crowdsourcing can seem difficult, but the following steps can make it happen:

  • Design the Challenge

Create and design the exercise or challenge which the participants will have to solve. Ensure that instructions are clear for the participant to understand. Questions like the purpose of the exercise, what you require the participant to do, who will look into the ideas given by them, etc., should be answered in the design.

  • Choose A Platform

You need to ensure that your task reaches the right kind of audience. Market the exercise keeping in mind the audience you want it to reach. After choosing a platform, you can release the task and recruit the crowd which you think would be suitable for the task.

  • Announce the Task & Appoint the Crowd

After choosing a platform, you can release the task and recruit the crowd which you think would be suitable for the task. You need to ensure that your task is reaching the right kind of audience. Market the exercise keeping in mind the audience you want it to reach.

  • Manage & Listen to the Participants

Keep connected with the participants and solve their queries. Manage the innovation procedure and the responses. The assessment process should be fair and transparent.

  • Choose an Idea & Get Started

Select the winning idea and build your product or solve your challenge. Ensure that the winning participant receives proper recognition and is awarded. Declare the idea to the public in a captivating way.

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