What is Modular Innovation?




July 14, 2021

Modern industries have made design thinking and innovations a fundamental component of their operations. One reason behind this is their ability to maintain high standards while competing with leading organizations. However, Innovation encompasses more than just the development of new products. Read on to find out everything about modular Innovation and its importance. 

Modular Innovation is a technique that uses either a complete redesign of a product or service or core elements of a product while leaving the links between these elements in the usual positions. It is a framework that allows data to be shared and reused across applications, enterprises, and communities. It is defined as a method of making technology improvements in product modules without necessarily changing the architecture of a product or service. Relationships between people and products, experience control, and content ownership are all part of modular Innovation. It is a combination of management and engineering approaches. 

What is the importance of Modular Innovation?

People have more control over their content and how they engage with it because of modular Innovation. Individuals may effortlessly share, export, import, and customize their privacy settings across many social networks, products, and other places. Their information becomes more modular, adaptable, and portable. Innovations help a company to grow and develop amongst competitive markets. A key factor of Innovation is to create or modify products and services that are satisfactory for customers. 

Examples of Modular Innovation  

Tesla's Model X 

A perfect example of modular Innovation is Tesla's Model X. It uses both management and engineering approaches to develop and modify its products and services. Tesla Model X comes with an autopilot driver assistance system and is an all-electric vehicle. It is an innovative approach that deals with architectural design as well as modular design. 

iRobot's Roomba 

Another example of Modular Innovation is the automated vacuum cleaner that has shown how developments in the product modules have led to an architectural modification for the service. It uses a set of cameras and sensors aboard to create a map of your home, allowing it to navigate around sofas, chairs, and other obstacles. 

 Project Ara 

Google developed Project Ara, which is a modular smartphone. The original product was created with the idea of providing essential smartphone parts such as batteries and processors. However, the design was modified, and the result was a base phone with non-upgradable core components. 

Adjustable app-controlled sofas

Adjustable app-controlled sofas are a great example of modern modular technology. Adjustable app-controlled sofas use motion-sensing technology to control furniture. The sofa's modules will rise or fall when a person places their hands above a particular module. 

3D smartphone camera adapters 

The 3D smartphone camera adapters consist of a camera stock lens and carefully angled mirrors. This configuration permits the camera to take two photographs simultaneously, each from a slightly different angle and uses the same technique as 3D imaging.


The iPad is one of Apple's most stunning Modular Innovations. It can be used as a regular tablet or even paired with a keyboard to make it a portable laptop. It stands out amongst other tablets for its flexibility and the features it provides. As a result, it is also one of the most used devices. 

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