What is Service Design Thinking and How to Use?




August 27, 2022

Service design thinking is crucial in affirming an organization's success in the service sector. This boosts a user's experience, securing an organization's brand image in this competitive business world. The service is intangible, and thus, it isn't easy to develop a design for it. In comparison to this, the designing of the product is easier. Therefore, service design is usually overlooked. It stimulates poor customer experience, thereby affecting the company's bottom line.


Why is Service Design Thinking Essential?

Service design thinking highlights the difference between failure and success for companies in the service sector. An accurately designed service puts clients or customers at the center of the design process. Service design thinking can also be defined as planning business activities and organizing resources to enhance consumer and employee experience.


Principles of Service Design

Service design thinking highlights the designer's commitment to the generic requirements of the services. These are embedded in principles that mark the process, information, technology, and organizational design.

Although creating an efficient service design is challenging, you need to follow certain crucial principles:

  • User-centric

Always design the services as per the consumer's needs. You must understand how consumers experience the service. Survey to evaluate your brand image from consumers' viewpoint. Ask questions regarding how they feel about the company's services, expectations, whether the brand has evolved over the years, and several others. Their response will highlight the efficacy or pitfalls of the services.

  • Co-creative

Stakeholders must be engaged with the service design process. Value cannot be created without involving stakeholders in every service design, development, and production process. Involving stakeholders paves the way for a broad exchange of ideas and sharing perspectives and experiences on a specific product.

  • Sequencing

Sequencing depicts the project timeline. Service design thinking decodes customer journeys into service interactions and single touchpoints. When these are amalgamated, it develops service moments. Every customer journey includes a three-step transition: the pre-service period, the original service period, and the post-service period. Hence, the customer service journey is an array of interrelated actions. 

  • Evidencing

It is difficult to emphasize a complicated project. Visual aids come into effect at that time. You can ask your team to utilize graphs, images, and pictures. These visual tools are less complicated and easier to carry out. This helps team members in the service design thinking process, thereby allowing the team to remember crucial points. 

  • Holistic

A service designer must consider each aspect of the service along with every viewpoint in which it is prevalent. This enhances the service designing process. 


How to Use Service Design Thinking?

When an organization is plagued with incompetent service, it triggers failures and flaws within the system. Hence to develop an efficient customer experience that can highly promote your organization's brand image, you must evaluate a service design where the customer's and worker's experiences are combined.

To use service design thinking, keep the following things in mind:

  • It must be goal-oriented
  • It must cater to the needs of the customers
  • It must incorporate user efficiency
  • It involves creating value for clients
  • It must decrease wait times
  • It must emphasize the end experience of the service

Thus, service design thinking amalgamates planning and organizing a business's resources to enhance the front-line staff experience and customer experience.

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