What Is The Role Of Brainstorming In Design Thinking?




December 2, 2022

It's common to hear business professionals recommend brainstorming as a wonderful tool for coming up with original and fresh ideas. Assuming that you have already empathized (by envisioning the requirements and wants of hypothetical consumers) and defined the process, brainstorming in design thinking is one of the crucial steps (by forming a distinct idea of what you hope to accomplish during this process). The moment to "ideate" or "brainstorm" is now.

Because they can grow in any direction, brainstorming is incredibly popular among design teams. With the help of brainstorming, people tend to get 26 percent more ideas for the problem. Teams can use lateral and unconventional thinking to find the best answers to any design problem, even though they have rules and a facilitator to keep them on course. Therefore this guide is written to discuss the role of brainstorming in design thinking.


What is Brainstorming?

Finding a solution to a particular problem is frequently achieved through brainstorming, a collaborative creative practice. This is done by allowing team members to contribute new ideas, which are gathered and recorded freely. A director or facilitator oversees brainstorming sessions, which many core team members attend.

It's possible to come up with many ideas during a brainstorming session that you wouldn't have access to by simply sitting down with a pen and paper. By interacting with one another, listening to one another, and expanding on one another's ideas, brainstorming aims to maximize the group's collective thinking.


Importance of Brainstorming in Design Thinking

Business brainstorming in design thinking can aid you in getting your creativity flowing, whether you're trying to develop successful marketing strategies, commercials, or slogans.

Diverse Viewpoints

Any organization that relies on a single person to come up with all of its ideas will eventually run out of fresh ideas or start to repeat themselves. But at a brainstorming session, you might get ideas from many people. These ideas might not be amazing or workable, but when you brainstorm with others, they might develop into something new and useful.


Help Organise Ideas

Brainstorming aids in planning and idea organization. By brainstorming, you can develop a sound plan for what to write and what to leave out. For instance, it is beneficial for teachers to prepare earlier and create lesson plans for their pupils in advance.

After you've planned, brainstorming also aids in keeping your ideas and thoughts organized. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Afterward, organize it by selecting the top concept from all the good ideas and filtering them.


Strengthens Team Working

Instead of placing undue pressure on one person to come up with a fresh, original idea, brainstorming enables all team members to attempt to share their thoughts. This promotes the development of team relationships and encourages team members to treat one another with respect and be accountable for their job.


Unique Ideas

You will be able to generate a lot of original ideas through brainstorming. These concepts all exhibit originality in the same way that philosophers and innovators devised novel ideas by adopting brainstorming techniques. You don't need to worry about coming up with original ideas because everything will be natural and organic.



Brainstorming in design thinking is the type of creativity used most frequently. Generating ideas is an art requiring both an experienced facilitator and a skilled team. Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about brainstorming and how to apply it to your business, consider enrolling in one of MIT ID Innovation's design thinking courses in Pune. MIT ID Innovation provides programmes that assist businesses and organizations in incorporating design thinking and innovation into their products and services.

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