Why Design Thinking In Business Needs A Rethink




March 29, 2022

Design thinking in business is an organized approach for creating innovative solutions. It is a strategy that involves creating innovative ideas to improve the performance of an organization. It comprises a variety of crucial factors and tools for creative thinking which focus on a customer-centric approach. The human-centred approach for solving a problem has helped many industries and companies get satisfactory customer output.

At present, design thinking has been embedded in every company to avail more opportunities. It assists startups in their growth and organizations in their evolution.


Phases of Design Thinking

Invent and define

  • Understanding the customer needs
  • Understanding the customer behavior
  • Finding the customer problems
  • Defining the solution

Prototype and test

  • Implement the gathered ideas
  • Put the ideas into reality
  • Create a prototype and test it on actual users
  • Adjust the feedback


What is the need for Design Thinking in Business?

According to McKinsey, "Embedding design thinking, methods, and tools from the outset of ecosystem development will help companies produce integrated ecosystem offerings that delight customers, stave off threats, and create new sources of value".

When there is a problem, people tend to solve it based on their previous experiences. If the issue varies, they still don't care to rethink. It is possible to develop problem-solving or problem-finding abilities only when you understand the problem.

Essential aspects in which design thinking helps.

  • Solves the requirements of the customer
  • Helps tackle ambiguous problems
  • Drives people to create innovative solutions
  • Helps overcome challenges faced in creativity
  • Helps broaden your knowledge with design thinking


Rethinking of Design Thinking

Design thinking focuses on customer needs and satisfaction. It is an iterative process of design thinking that helps an organization for an outgrowth. Then, why does it need a rethink?

Design thinking in business helps the organization grow vastly because it focuses on a human-centred approach. The businesses correspondingly deal with consumer satisfaction, which expands the business revenue and resources. After the positive outcome of successful design thinking in business, many companies took the initiative and invested in teaching design thinking to their employees. Very few companies have a good reflection from design thinking. So, design thinking in business needs a rethink.


Innovative ways to rejuvenate your business

  • Initially, you will be exploring and generating ideas for the project. You will have to know the actual reason to build the project and its impact on society. You should also know the expectations of the customer.
  • As empathy is the core component of design thinking, one must know well about the customer's needs as design thinking is a people-centric strategy.
  • The ideas that originated from the first phase will provide solutions for the problems.
  • The purpose of prototypes is to assist in testing the ideas and getting feedback from the skate holders.
  • The prototype is screened and receives feedback from the target consumer before implementation.
  • You are supposed to have milestones to check the path of the project.

As previously discussed, it is not compulsory for design thinking in business to give the best output. It depends on the type of organisation you are running and the number of people working for you. In design thinking, every idea is accepted but not considered. There must be proper support from everyone working under the organisation to attain the expected outcome.


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